project 365, week 43 …

project 365, week 43, page 1

project 365, week 43, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – i think they are multiplying while i’m not watching | it’s the little things that make my heart sing | summer is on the way |  another park run | have hexie kit, will travel | friday selfie … [wk 43, oct 19 - 25, 2014]

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tutorial – dia ring cones, by for the makers …

For the Makers

[For the Makers]

I want to share a link today to a tutorial to make these lovely minimalist ring cones. They are made from some materials you may have lying around the house, and I can see them living quite happily at my house!

For the instructions and more images, go to For the Makers, here …

I enjoyed learning about the backstory for For the Makers, which you can read about here

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simply retro challenge, quilt 8 update and finish …

Sunday morning, I got up and thought, ‘Today would be a good day to make a (mini ) quilt!’ … and indeed, it was!

The man was out doing a (short) long run of 15 kms, and not a creature was stirring, as the boy was sleeping in. Incidentally, the man came home wearing a hat. He tried to convince me that the running shop had sold him a hat and given him an expensive pair of off-road running shoes. I’m inclined to think he paid for the shoes, and the hat was thrown in for free!

But back to the important thing, the quilting stuff … so quickly rewind to ‘Today was a good day to make a (mini) quilt’! Got it?

Things didn’t happen quite that quickly though. There was some planning, thinking, selecting involved. On Saturday night I brought up the pattern on my iPad and had a little think about what fabrics I was going to use.

Sad to say, I don’t have a pile of delicious scraps to rummage through, as most of my ‘left overs’ disappear into hexagon quilts. (In fact, not so long ago, I happily ran some scraps of pretty fabric through my Sizzix machine making hexagons out of the fabric, then realized in dismay that I had just cut up my binding yardage for the quilt!!!)

Quilt 8 Adorn 1

I had a little bundle of Horizon fat eighths, and the blues and greens were excitedly clamouring to be made into Adorn, so what else was I to do? On Sunday morning I simply cut half a dozen 1 ½ inch strips off the ends of some of the Horizon fabrics, and chain-pieced them into blocks and cut out the triangles I need for the quilt. Some more triangles out of my ever-useful white quilters’ homespun, a few minutes laying out the blocks, and then I had the fun of piecing it together.

Quilt 8 Adorn 2

It really didn’t take long to put together … I quilted it very simply, and bound it with two green/blue fat eighths … and that was quilt 8 of the #simplyretrochallenge done and dusted!!! The mini quilt measures 22 inches by 24 inches, and @megfishc is going to make hers a Christmas affair, so I can’t wait to see that one. If you have lots of scraps in your life, this project is quick and easy and scrap-hungry …

Incidentally, don’t you think Clover should make some pretty blue and green binding clips, so that I don’t have to use the red ones on my Horizon mini quilt? I think so …

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kailo chic – green circles laptop bag …

Kailo Chic

I can see that running this little feature each week is going to get expensive … so far, I have mentioned five Etsy shops, and made several purchases!!!

This week, I’m loving Kailo Chic, an Etsy shop where you can purchase wallets/cases/clutches/laptop bags in all sorts of cool colours and configurations.

Kailo Chic bag

It won’t come as any surprise to most of you to know that I’m loving this pretty green laptop bag … I really like the fact that you can ‘attach’ it to cabin luggage when you travel.

This means that you don’t have to carry your heavy laptop, as it can rest securely on other luggage you are able to wheel through airports and city streets. It’s a win-win for me!

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project 365, week 42 …

project 365, week 42, page 1

project 365, week 42, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – highlight of my week, meeting carol and esther | fresh from our garden | quilt 8 of the #simplyretrochallenge | heading home | filling in the blanks | the girl and her man together for her birthday weekend |  5 km into the melbourne marathon … [wk 42, oct 12 - 18, 2014]

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book review – blogging: the big guide to creative content …

Mollie Makes Blogging magazine

[Mollie Makes]

 I want to share with you my thoughts on a magazine I came across by accident this week. It was my ‘lunch time wander through the city’ time and I was browsing the magazine shelves for quilting magazines, as you do. (You do, don’t you?) Tucked in behind a magazine was a copy of Blogging: the big guide to creative content, by Mollie Makes. (you can read about it here.)

The ‘blogging’ bit caught my attention. I think I have been blogging for close to ten years now. Over that time my blog has evolved, from a scrapping/family blog where I posted about my crafting and young family, to a business blog when I ran Two Little Pixels, to my blog today, which is a creative presentation of things that I love at the moment, quilting, craft, scrapping, photography, books, and so on. My family is ‘all grown up’ now, so I don’t scrap about them to the same degree, and I find my interests have changed over the years.

That said, I still love blogging regularly, and anything that could possible make me a better blogger, I am all over. So I bought the magazine for about the cost of three cups of coffee, and started reading.

I read and read and read, from cover to cover and then back again. I even devoured the ads. I found it to be an extremely well written and presented collection of topics that resonated deeply with me … lots of inspiration, advice, know-how and case studies of many bloggers I already follow by way of Feedly.

Topics included learning about the nuts and bolts of blogging, with links to ‘how to’ articles, and how to use Pinterest and Instagram in the most creative and productive way, which I found fascinating. The photography was fabulous, and even though I am not interested in making money from my blog, this topic was covered too.

I keep thinking of this magazine as a book … I feel that I am going to be reading and rereading it for some time, rather than tossing it onto the coffee table and forgetting about it. I have no hesitation in saying that if you are a passionate blogger, or aspire to becoming a better blogger, then this is the magazine you need to purchase. Oh yes, it is also available as a digital magazine (from Zinio or the Apple Newstand), though I must admit to loving holding the paper copy in my hands!

Blog disclaimer … Just so we are all on the same page … all opinions expressed here on my blog are my personal thoughts and judgements about the products I have written about. I am not affiliated with any of the companies and products mentioned, and I post about my experiences because I am happy with the products and enjoy sharing my experiences with other readers.

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melbourne marathon 2014 …

So tell me this, folks … how come on race weekends, the man does all the running (42 kms of it!) and I’m the one that’s exhausted afterwards?

Yes, it was time for another marathon, and last weekend the man and I flew to Melbourne so that he could complete in what was allegedly a flat course … it’s not, if you are wondering. The man said there were HILLS!!!

Melbourne marathon 1

It was a big event, with more than 30,000 competitors pounding the pavement. We flew in Saturday morning, picked up the race gear from the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, and found our way to our hotel which was on the race route. This meant that I could pop out in the morning and cheer wildly as the man ran past at the 6 km point. Perfect vantage point … the photo is a little dark as the sun hadn’t really made an appearance at that stage.

But let’s back up a little … lunch … yum!

Melbourne marathon 2

I think this was one of the few times I was happy to own up to being 50 (+); it is hard to see in the photo, but behind our number 50 is a vast array of very elegant desserts.

Melbourne marathon 3

After lunch we headed off to our hotel and relaxed the afternoon away, and I made the most of it by lounging on a comfy chaise lounge and doing some hand-sewing while watching a movie while the man carbo-loaded. The things you have to do before a big race!!!

In the morning, he headed off about 5 am, and I wandered down to the 6 km vantage spot and cheered him on, then check the marathon app and walked to the 35 km spot. No, I didn’t have to walk the 35 km route, just 4 km. Unfortunately the app wasn’t working very well, and it told me he had already passed the 35 km mark before I arrived, which wasn’t correct. I missed seeing him at the 35 km point and at the finish line because of the app’s incorrect reporting.

Next time, he will run with a smart phone, and I hope to have a better idea of where he is, rather than relying on the marathon app, which told all sorts of lies!

The race itself was a difficult race, as race day was warm and there were hills, but the man finished in good time, one second before the four hour limit he had set himself.


We viewed all the professional images of the man taken during the race, as I like to get an image with his finishing time on it for each of his marathons, and it was very difficult to find one where he was ‘happy’ … ok, it was impossible! So this image shows him sprinting to the finish line, almost four hours of heavy-duty running! He is amazing!!!

Part of the excitement of Melbourne for me was meeting up with two long-time internet friends, Carol and Esther, whom I have known online for around ten years. This was the first time we had met up, so there was lots of squealing and hugging when we finally found each other at the finish line of the marathon. Esther had flown in that morning from an overseas trip, and Carol had come to Melbourne to cheer on some running buddies, and it was just fabulous to meet up with them.

It took the man a while to find us … I was really worried about him as I knew how well he could think (not very well!) after a long race. Once we had found him, we then had to find the car … and naturally he couldn’t remember where he parked it! Finally we were on our way (with me driving, with the man sitting next to me busy not thinking!), and once back at the hotel, the girls and I had a lovely couple of hours chatting and catching up.


In no time at all, it was time to pack and find our way home … sooooo tired! I walked quite a few kms during the day in the heat and got sunburnt as I forgot to wear the hat I had in my bag, and with all the nervous stress involved with worrying over the lost/brain not functioning exhausted man, I was very glad to fall into my bed just after 9 pm on Sunday night.

Fun stuff, marathons … I’m glad we have a month or two between them, though. Carol is trying to talk the man into doing the most difficult Australian marathon course next year, the Great Ocean Road which is 45 km and a very tough race! At the moment, he’s not 100% convinced he needs to do it, but watch this space …

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project 365, week 41 …

project 365, week 41, page 1

project 365, week 41, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – a rose in nana’s garden | hexagons happening here, as always | one of the rare times i’ve been happy to be 50 | movie time | the new project life app, fun stuff | progress in the cottage garden | picking up the marathon kit… [wk 41, oct 5 - 11, 2014]

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the enchanted locket – bronze camera keychain …

The Enchanted Locket

The Enchanted Locket

[The Enchanted Locket]

My Etsy find this week is a shop called The Enchanted Locket. I have a hankering for steam punk jewellery and this gorgeous camera hits the spot.

You can find a wide range of beautiful jewellery in this shop, and I would have no trouble filling my shopping cart!!

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tutorial – journal cover, by bloom …

Bloom - journal cover tutorial


Today, I’m sharing a link to a tutorial to make these very pretty journal covers. You will find instructions and images for the tutorial here, at Bloom.

You can choose one of two closures for the journals, and also a link to Bloom’s very popular original journal cover on her website. I just adore stationery, and combine that with some sewing, and I’m a happy girl!

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sharing technology – project life app …

Project Life app[from iTunes]

It’s hard to put an exact date on it, but I think I started paper scrapbooking round about the year 2000. I’ve always been a ‘simple scrapper’, and it goes almost without saying that someone who inspired my scrapping life was Becky Higgins. I bought her books, I played around with her sketches, and generally felt comfortable with her scrapping style, and made it my own over the years.

Then, of course, I was tempted over into digi-scrapping round about 2003, and packed up my paper supplies and happily adopted my new online scrapping life. I still enjoyed following Becky’s creative life, and when pocket scrapping became digital, I was almost drawn into it. I guess what held me back was so many decisions had to be made on the pages. How was I going to get all those lovely digital bits and pieces to play nicely with my photos? There were some pocket page artists whose work I loved, but I found it difficult to do myself.

I stayed on the ‘8×8 scrapping path’, and the nearest I got to pocket scrapping was in my p365 weekly pages that I put together, using an adapted Paislee Press template. [I’ve done weekly round-ups of our life for almost three full years now.]

And then I listened to the Daily Digi Digest 71: Digital Project Life (Try saying that in a hurry!!!) Oh my, perhaps I had better try this fun new app. And so I did! I am not a fan of doing creative stuff on my iPhone, as I find the screen too small, but I was excited to see I could use it on my mini iPad, which is a perfect size for this app.

So what do I think? Beautifully crafted, beautiful to look at, easy to use … fun, fun, fun! It has Becky Higgins all over it, which I love. And new stuff comes out monthly.

IMG_0271Five minutes after I downloaded it, I had an 8×8 layout completed and saved in my Photos on my iPad. Now, I don’t think this app will replace my ‘normal’ scrapping, but I have thought of some ways that I will use it.

[By the way, these are FB photos I have used, taken by a volunteer at a park run, so the quality obviously isn’t great, and I haven’t edited them. I simply imported them into the app and resized them.]

One … the man is heavily invested in running, and I’m often standing around waiting for up to four hours for him to finish his marathons. I can use the Project Life app to make a memory during these races and share these pages/photos quickly with family and friends. I am planning to create and print a hard-cover photo book that records the photos and times from his weekend park runs, half marathons and marathons using the Project Life app. I think he will enjoy flicking through this book.

Two … I see this would be a fabulous app to take on holidays. I can edit photos on the iPad then make some pocket pages to remind ourselves of what we do each day, and to send to family and friends back home almost immediately.

Three … I’m planning to make a photobook of my Instagram feed, and this would be such a quick and easy way to do that. Again, holiday times when you are away from your computer would be a perfect time to work on a project like this. I always have my phone and iPad with me on holidays.

Four … I’m wondering if I could tempt my girl into making memories in this fashion? She isn’t into scrapping as I am, but perhaps she would pocket scrap on her phone?

There are probably many other ways I could use this app, but these are the first four that I have thought of.

I think the only drawback with this app is how pretty and shiny it is, and how very easy it is to purchase more kits and bits and pieces ‘in app’ … always dangerous!!!

So here’s a question … do you have any other ways you would use the Project Life app? I would hate to miss out …

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thoughtblossoms – gold wrap bracelet …



From the shop … ‘Words planted into our thoughts can be powerful if we allow them to guide our conscious and unconscious actions. They can inspire and remind us of our ability to accomplish amazing things, blossoming into beautiful results in our lives. “Thought Blossoms” jewelry may act as a reminder of this ability, and help you live and grow your intentions into reality.

Another wrapping accessory – created as an anklet or bracelet! Bracelet will wrap three times, anklet two times. Created with a magnetic clasp for easy on off. I pair this one with my gold watch for a cute, current look. Gold fill components, magnetic clasp.’ [from here]

You can choose to have text or symbols on your bracelet … check the shop for further details!

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project 365, week 40 …

p365, week 40, page 1

p365, week 40, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – in nana’s garden | library corner | the parsley has survived | the apple of my eye | afternoon walk with nana and poppa and the boy | love costume jewellery | these two love catching up at maccas … [wk 40, sept 28 - oct 4, 2014]

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quilting wips, september 2014 …


A little while back I very foolishly patted myself on the back for not having any (well, not many) quilting/sewing wips (works in progress). Well, how the mighty have fallen!!!

To keep myself honest and motivated, I thought I would share my wips at the end of every month; it will be interesting to see how my projects work their way down the line.

I’ve decided to list my projects for 2014 under headings, and hopefully projects will move from the ideas stage to the completed stage. Let’s see how things went during the month of September.

the ‘ideas’ stage

  1. a secret project involving diamond paper piecing
  2. Rainy Day Sewing, by thimble blossoms

the ‘construction’ stage

  1. the girl’s grey and white chevron quilt
  2. a ‘secret squirrel’ project I’m working on with the girl
  3. a new hexagon quilt called *smiles*
  4. Limes & Lemons hexagon quilt
  5. Judy’s Dilly Bag
  6. a second Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  7. a second hexagon sewing kit

the ‘quilt top’ stage

  1. Noteworthy hexagon quilt
  2. hexagon quilt 1 made from ‘Good Morning’

the ‘ready for (professional) quilting’ stage

  1. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 1 Sweet Life
  2. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 2 Playground
  3. Feathers ‘herrringbone’ quilt (made from leftovers of Playground quilt)
  4. hexagon quilt 2 made from ‘Good Morning’
  5. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 7 Dwell
  6. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 4 Swell

the ‘being quilted’ stage

  1. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 5 Framed

the ‘finished’ stage

  1. iPad cover
  2. hexagon sewing kit
  3. Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  4. Scrappy quilt
  5. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 6 Fresh
  6. Modern Vintage hexagon quilt
  7. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 3 Vintage

Oh dear, and that’s from a girl who prides herself on not having any works in progress … imagine how dangerous I would be if I didn’t work full-time!!!

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simply retro challenge, quilt 8 …

And suddenly it’s October! And it’s time to choose our next quilt in of our very informal Simply Retro challenge, where we choose a quilt at the beginning of the month and use it as inspiration to create our own quilts.

We are using the very gorgeous book, ‘Simply Retro’, by Camille Roskelley, to inspire us. If you ‘do’ Instagram, you can find images of our quilts using this hashtag, #simplyretrochallenge.

So for month 8, I am choosing Adorn as our ‘inspiration quilt’. This quilt is a gorgeous little wall quilt that you can create using your favourite scraps! And we all have lots of those, don’t we? I’m quite excited to make this quilt …

Here’s a looksee at the quilt …

Simply Retro, by Camille Roskelley

[Simply Retro, by Camille Roskelley]

So ready, set, go … the ‘rules’ are very basic, and you are welcome to join in any time … here are the challenge ‘guidelines’ (and I use that term very loosely!!!) I’d love to know if you’re playing along, and who knows? You may get to choose the next month’s quilt.

  1. We take turns in choosing the quilt pattern we are using, in order of joining the challenge.
  2. One quilt per month? For the month of October, we will make ‘Adorn’.
  3. Feel free to interpret the pattern in any way you wish. You can upscale or downscale as desired. Play with the pattern in any way you wish … it is a starting off point, not an end destination. Fabric selection is also up to the individual quilter.
  4. Don’t stress!!! This is a fun project, and there are no quilting police around!!!
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sidrun’s patterns – baby dragon …

Sidsrun Patterns

Sidruns Patterns 1[from Sidrun's Patterns]

Isn’t he gorgeous, this little green and blue dragon? I found him this morning while wandering down Etsy (cyber)aisles …

This is from the shop announcements’ page -

All my toys are fairly easy to make and patterns written with beginner crocheters in mind – I always include many step-by-step photos, detailed instructions and useful tips and tricks.

New to toy making? Start with these tutorials –
Want a little preview? Here are a few free patterns –

Here are some other little softies, for which you can buy patterns at the shop …

Sidruns Patterns 2

[from Sidrun's Patterns]

And a favourite to finish off with is Teddy Girl …

Sidruns Patterns 3

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sharing technology – stocard app …

Stocard app

This is life-changing stuff, folks.

Today, I’m sharing about an app I discovered this week that literally takes the place of all those plastic cards you carry around in your purse or wallet …

Stocard is a free app for your smartphone (iPhone & Android) that stores the barcodes from your loyalty cards on your phone. You simply present the barcode on your phone at the service counter, and your barcode is scanned, and your loyalty points are ‘added’ to your card.

Here’s how it works.

Download the app.

Open it, and click on the +sign …you can scroll through the names of loyalty cards, or search using the Search facility at the top of the screen.

Stocard app 2

You can click on the name of the card you wish to add to Stocard, or if the card isn’t listed, you can click on the Other card option, and manually enter the details.

After you click on the loyalty card name, you are able to scan the barcode on the loyalty card. Click Save. And that’s basically all you need to do.

Stocard app 3

In the image above, I’ve scrolled down to IKEA Family, scanned in the barcode, and in the second image, you can see the Save option.

Now, does it work! Absolutely! It took me about 20 minutes to scan all my cards into the app, and during my lunchbreak yesterday, I went shopping!!!

When I went to the service counter, I showed the girl my phone with the Sussan ‘loyalty card’ open on the screen with the barcode showing, and asked her if she could scan it. BTW, the number on the Sussan card isn’t really my number!!!

Stocard app 4

She was quite excited about it, as I was only the second customer to ask her. She scanned it in, and I could see my details on her screen. It must have been entertaining to watch us.

A nice little extra is that Stocard doesn’t email you, but it does have an Offers icon, which you can click on to see special offers by your loyalty cards.

So folks, what do you think? I have always had a problem keeping track of all my loyalty cards … they are always in the wrong bag, or I can’t find the one I want in a hurry, and I can see already that this is going to be a great app for me.

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project 365, week 39 …

project 365, week 39, page 1

project 365, week 39, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – perfect spring afternoon at the coast | quilting progress | morning tea with the man | moi | mr fluffy pants | lovely etsy purchase | the boys … [wk 39, sept 21 - 27, 2014]

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penguin and egg reversible toy pattern, from while she naps …

While She Naps - Abby Glassenberg

[from While She Naps]

I’m dying here … could this be any cuter? I found this pattern in an email in my Inbox today …

Here’s some text from Abby Glassenberg … ‘This toy is reversible! First, it’s an egg just waiting to hatch. Then, turn it inside out, and it transforms into an irresistible little penguin!’ [from here]

Abby includes step-by-step photos, written instructions, and templates, and this little penguin/egg combo measures about 6 inches square.

Go on … you know you want to make one!!!

Blog disclaimer  Just so we are all on the same page, all opinions expressed here on my blog are my personal thoughts and judgements about the products I have written about. I am not affiliated with any of the companies and products mentioned, and I post about my experiences because I am happy with the products and enjoy sharing my experiences with other readers.

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playing with your food …

Loving these super cute images … what kid (or adult) wouldn’t want to eat their dinner if it looked like this!!! Images from here








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