sharing technology – print-friendly web pages …

Print Friendly

[Print Friendly]

I am really excited to share this little technology discovery with you to do … a website that helps you turn, for example, a blog posting into a PDF, print-friendly document.

The website is called PrintFriendly, and you can find it here

‘PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. PrintFriendly removes Ads, Navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It’s free and easy to use. Perfect to use at home, the office, or whenever you need to print a web page. Features include …

Print Preview: Optimizes and displays content for print.
Edit Before Printing: Remove images, text, and print only what you want.
Print or Save as PDF: Print now, or save for later as a PDF.’ [from the website]

Simple to use … just copy and paste the URL from the web page you want to format, then click on Print Preview to make sure it is what you want. Then simply Print, or choose to convert it to a PDF. It really couldn’t be simpler … enjoy!!!

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the white stuff – dining room …



Isn’t this a fresh, inviting space?

Things to love … the ‘paint dipped’ chairs in clean white and pale timber, the funky over-sized light fitting, the soft touches of blush/peach/apricot? in the room, the oversized art work, the dark floor boards that contrast so well with all the white, the very comfy looking reading chair with a basket to store magazines or crafty stuff right next to it, and of course, the beautiful window seat and large windows (read ‘natural light’), where readers could easily be lost in their book worlds.

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weekend roundup …

Weekend RoundupIt was a lovely long holiday weekend, four days off from work!

My weekend was a nice combination of work and play, relaxation and ‘to do’ lists. The Easter bunny didn’t really bother to visit, which was fine for the ‘sugar free/training for a marathon/I don’t really like chocolate’ residents at our house, so no Easter Egg hunts for us. Instead, I carefully worked out a plan, and stuck to it for the most part.

We are still not settled in our new home … there is furniture on its way (7 weeks left to wait), and lots can’t be finished off until the lounges arrive, but I did have my treasured Ikea bookcases on my list, so DH and I brought home 28 flat pack boxes and began the task of putting them together.

Weekend Roundup 1

We briefly thought about having the boxes delivered and installed, but in the end we decided it was easier to do it ourselves, and it was. The doors have no handles, they are self-closing, and that took a little while to do, but we got there in the end. I was so pleased to see the bookcases up against the wall, and then the joy of unpacking all our books and DVDs which have been in storage for over 12 months … it was great!!! Just like reacquainting yourselves with long lost friends …

Weekend Roundup 2

A second job that I have been putting off for weeks is tackling all the paperwork that also has been piling up for a year. Our filing cabinet was also in storage for 12 months, so basically I had to come to grips with a six inch pile of paper work … this is where a long kitchen bench comes into its own.

Weekend Roundup 3

I started early one morning while the man was out running 25 km and the boy was occupied upstairs and worked through, making smaller piles from one big pile. I also scanned important family info like car registrations, receipts, insurance documents and saved them safely online. And … wait for it … I also culled the filing cabinet and removed documentation we no longer needed, and put it aside for secure shredding.

Another computer task that has been building up was the sorting and backing up of my photos for the last four months, while I didn’t have access to Lightroom and my desktop computer. Over the weekend, I made sure that all my photos were imported into LR, and backed up, both locally and online. I can sleep a lot easier at night now …

Weekend Roundup 4And then there were the curtains! Anyone else hate shortening and re-hemming curtains? Over the weekend, I did just that, with eight drops of white curtains from Ikea. Not my idea of a good time, but it had to be done. Measure, cut, press, hem, press, hang … times eight! Of course, then I went out and bought more curtains, so I have another pile waiting for my attention.

Lest you fear that my weekend was all unpacking, constructing and filing, let me share some of the fun stuff that happened too …

I finished quilting and binding two small projects, and it was so nice to have them done and dusted. I really enjoyed the quilting process; with the walking foot on the Bernina, it really is like a hot knife through butter. In fact, I think I might even quilt another of my lap quilts … probably start on the one I am least attached to, in case I mess it up. I have some basting spray, but I am a bit nervous about using it, as I have always ‘pinned’ my quilts before. I’ll let you know how I go …

Weekend 6

I finally got to use my binding clips, which I have had waiting for a while now. Funny story about the binding clips … I picked up the first one and wondered which way it went, as the clips have a curved side on one side, and a flat ridged side on the other. I did what all good seekers do, and Googled. All the images showed the red curved side on the sewing side, so that’s what I did.

Weekend Roundup 7

I instagrammed my ‘work in progress’, and a very kind quilter suggested I try them the other way, as the clear flat side holds the binding down flat. So I tried them that way …

I’ve since checked out product reviews which suggest that the flat part is on the ‘right side’ of the quilt, so they sit flat on the machine, but you know what, I think I will go with my IG buddy’s suggestion, and have the clear side on the wrong side of the quilt, as it helps flatten the binding as you hand-sew your way around the quilt. I guess it’s just a case of whatever works for you!

Weekend Roundup 11

I also sewed the last two ‘seams’ on my Noteworthy hexagon quilt, a WIP for six months now. To give you an idea of the time it takes to sew a hexagon quilt, let me tell you that I started handsewing this hexagon quilt in June of last year. I then had a break for four months while it was in transit/storage, then finally dug it out yesterday and sewed those last two seams. The longest seam took 9 hours to sew.

I didn’t realize just how big this quilt had grown! I’m planning to put a narrow 2 inch white border around the quilt, and then finished, it will measure 80 inches x 80 inches. There are just over 2,000 hexagons in the quilt. I think I might get this commercially quilted!!!

Weekend Roundup 8

Here is the last stitch in the quilt, joining all those lovely ‘diamonds’ together … I’ll take some better photos later on, when it is finished.

Weekend Roundup 9The man and I also enjoyed catching up with some new (to us) movies over the weekend. We saw Divergent at the theatre, which was really good. I thought it was one of the better YA movies around at the moment. I have read the books and enjoyed them, the man went in ‘cold’ and enjoyed the movie, though I did feel him wince a couple of times during some of the fight scenes which involved girls the age of his daughter!

We also saw After Earth, which was good, and Gravity, which was excellent. We saw Gravity in 3D, which I would recommend … amazing scenery, and great acting.

Weekend roundup 10I also caught up with Megan and celebrated her birthday with a coffee date, as you do. We worked out that when I first met her, she was in her twenties … and now she’s not. Mmmm … I was in my thirties, and now I’m not!!! Moving on …

Well folks, I think that is it for the weekend … of course, there was vacuuming and mopping floors, dishes and washing, folding and putting away, all the usual, but I must say, I do love a four-day weekend! Shame they are so far and few between … hope yours was an enjoyable as mine!

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project 365, week 16 …

project 365, week 16, page 1

project 365, week 16, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – the beginnings of our library | happy grandparents | shortening/re-hemming curtains | learning how to use a walking foot | last load of cardboard and packing boxes leaves the premises | what 12 months of filing looks like, so good to get it sorted and into the filing cabinet | divergent, at the movies with the man and a bunch of red frogs … [wk 16, apr 13 - 19, 2014]

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show and tell from a quilting class …

Quilting 1This week I booked myself into a quilting class at my local sewing/patchwork shop. I’ve had my beautiful Bernina for over a year now, and although it has made many, many quilt tops, I haven’t used my walking foot and quilted on my machine. With a couple of small projects lying around waiting to be finished, I booked myself into to a class that was called ‘Your choice’, which basically means you can get help on individual projects you bring along to the class. Perfect for me!!!

The class was rather large as 13 ladies turned, along with their projects and sewing machines. We set our machines up on big tables, and I thought the area was very well set up, as it was easy to access power, there were cute little scrap bins next to each machine, and the chairs were adjustable and comfy. The teacher was kept hopping all night as she moved between the class participants.

I dragged out my two boxes containing two feet I didn’t recognize, and quickly learnt that one was for straight stitching, and one for free motion quilting. I think the most difficult thing during the evening was swapping the feet over on the straight stitching attachment! I was very quickly ‘straight stitching’ on a little hexagon runner I’d put together, and it was super easy! the last time I quilted on a domestic machine was almost 15 years ago, I think, and at the time my Elna was 25 years old!

Of course, starting on a hexagon quilting project wasn’t all that clever, as there is a lot of stopping and starting, as you outline the hexagons. I originally thought I wouldn’t ‘cross over’ previously stitched sections, but as this was a ‘practice project’, I got sick of that, and did end up double stitching in some areas. It was a learning exercise, after all!

Quilting 2

Thoughts on the class … excellent for beginner quilters, with lots of inspiration and help available, and lots of tempting fabric and notions everywhere. I’m not sure it would be something I would attend on a regular basis, as I’m not wanting to make samplers or bags, and I couldn’t see any modern ‘brights with white’ quilts up on the wall of the shop, which seems to be the way I am going at the moment, quilting-wise. But my class was certainly very helpful in terms of learning how to use my walking foot, and if I ever want some tuition in the free motion quilting area, I will certainly go back. The girls were lovely in the shop, and the girls in the class were very friendly and welcoming.

Something I did order that night was a bolt (15 metres) of my basic Quilters Cotton Homespun 101 White by Mac’s Craft which I use all the time. I’ve almost run out of the bolt I bought last year, and it would never do to run out of white fabric! You can never have too much white fabric, can you?

Oh yes, I’ll post some more photos when my little projects are complete …

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reversible fabric storage bin, by haberdashery fun …

Haberdashery Fun[Haberdashery Fun]

I’m sharing a link to a great tutorial to make this super cute reversible fabric storage bin, which you can find at Haberdashery Fun. You can pick up a PDF pattern on the website … doesn’t it look great?

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sharing books – the gandalara cycle, by randall garrett …

Gandalara Series

I want to share a favourite series with you today, called the Gandalara Cycle. The three books that make up this series were written in the 1980s, and you find it a little difficult to source copies of the books, but it is worth the hunt, if you like a good fantasy read. You will probably end up with a second-hand set of books though. The series was written by a husband and wife team, and was originally published as seven books, but now is condensed into three novels.

Here’s a teaser …

Sixty-year-old Ricardo Carillo, a terminally ill professor of Romance languages, is hit by a falling meteor while on a cruise in the Mediterranean. He wakes up in the desert on an unfamiliar world, where he has taken over the body of the Swordsman Markassat. He finds that he shares a telepathic link with Markassat’s mount Keeshah, a Sha’um, or giant cat similar to a sabertooth tiger. He also learns that he is a suspect in the theft of the Ra’ira, an immensely valuable gem linked to the history of his new home. Renamed Rikardon, he sets out on a quest to recover the jewel, which will eventually carry him across Gandalara. Along the way he aids Tarani, the true heir to the throne of Eddarta, and ultimately learns his new land’s strange secret. … [irosf]

What I loved about the book was the relationship between the characters and their cats … so much fun to watch their relationships develop. And of course, the mystery that slowly pervades the story thread was fascinating, and I didn’t see the resolution of it coming. I grab these books off my shelves every couple of years and re-read them … great fantasy adventure, and I recommend it.

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the white stuff – bedroom …


Isn’t this a pretty spot?

Things to love … light streaming through unusual windows, the touches of very pale green in the lamp base and headboard covers, the plump white doonas, and (i think) a timber floor to add some warmth.

This would be a perfect little guest room, tucked away in an attic space … a great sport for an afternoon nap or read.

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treasure box 90 …

This is my little weekly post called treasure box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention.

You might find them fun too … this week I found lots of home libraries that I thought I would share. After living in 12 different homes since we’ve been married, for the first time, I have the very welcome opportunity (and room) to create our own little home library.

We are a family of readers, and even though I mostly buy ebooks now, we do still have a collection of ‘paper’ books. I’m busy organizing some lovely white Ikea Billy bookcases with glass doors. There is also a rug in the equation, along with a floor lamp, two comfy chairs, and some reading posters on the wall. Exciting times … and so I thought I would find some inspirational home library ‘eye-candy’ to share with you.

Find 1 … I love this chair, it just looks so comfortable, perfect for reading, for curling up in and enjoying a relax. There is a floor lamp to make sure your book is backlit, and a throw if you are cold. I’d like somewhere to pop my coffee cup though …

English Joins Us[English Joins Us]

Find 2 … I like this little library tucked away in a corner on a landing, lamp behind the very comfy chair, natural light through the window, and look, somewhere to put my coffee cup!!! Perfect way to use these space!


Find 3 … another pink (sort of) chair, with an amazing view, and again, a great way to use a very awkward tight spot. Love this little corner …

Pinterest 2[Pinterest]

Find 4 … a . maz . ing library, don’t you think? I would so love to have this in my home, and a view as well!

Pinterest 3[Pinterest]

Find 5 … last library for this treasure box, with white glass-doored bookcases … does this one surprise you? You all know I have a love for white bookcases! Again, a comfy chair, natural light, coffee table, view and books, books, books!!!

Pinterest 4[Pinterest]

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project 365, week 15 …

project 365, week 15, page 1

project 365, week 15, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – cousins together for the weekend | charli is so pleased to see his mum home again | celebration at work, late friday afternoon | the girl is home!!! | ‘herringbone’ quilt made from leftover hsts, from quilt 2 of the simply retro challenge | in training for the june marathon | music drifting once again through the house … [wk 15, apr 6 - 12, 2014]

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hello story – ali edwards’ class …

I have a confession to make, gentle reader … it seems that I have fallen off the ‘scrapping wagon’.

Now, in my defence, I didn’t really want to fall off the wagon (there were extenuating reasons, like an interstate shift, and three months of living out of a suitcase in six different residences), and I would really like to climb back on the wagon, but I seem to be paralyzed with fear. I open PS and LR, and I look at pretty photos and gorgeous kits, but that’s about as far as it seems to go.

All good motivators say that if you want to climb back on that ‘wagon’, sometimes a new challenge will help you do just that. So a few days back, I enrolled in Ali Edwards’ ‘hello story’ class, which runs for three months at Big Picture Classes.

hellostory[hello story]

This class poses the question … what’s your story?

‘In her popular 12-week workshop, Hello Story, Ali Edwards will introduce you to 12 storytelling “structures”—never before seen in her prior journaling workshops—that will bring creativity and clarity to both your writing and your page designs. Every week, you get to sit over Ali’s shoulder and watch her transform her story ideas into timeless, authentic, story-rich scrapbook pages.’ [BPC]

Now, does that sound inspiring or what? I’ve kept up-to-date with my weekly P365 double page spreads, but I think my last ‘real’ scrapping page was six months ago, which seems a very very long time to me.

Time to get my scrapping boots back on, and get into it … stay tuned for layout 1, coming soon!!!

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tutorial – scrappy ‘herringbone’ HST quilt …

Here’s a mini tutorial for my latest scrappy ‘herringbone’ quilt made from the ‘leftovers’ of my second Simply Retro challenge quilt. You can grab a PDF of this blog post/tutorial here

Half Square Triangles
Step 1 … Construct your HST (half square triangles). Cut patterned and plain fabric into 5 7/8 inch strips, then trim into 5 7/8 square inches. I have used Mormor fabric by Lotta Jansdotter, and white quilters homespun.

In my scrappy quilt there are 13 rows;  each row consists of 14 blocks, making a total of 182 HST blocks. I cut 91 white squares and 91 patterned squares.

Step 2 … Place one white square with one patterned square, right sides together. Draw a pencil line diagonally on the white square, from corner to corner. Pin either side of the drawn line. Do this with all the squares.

Step 3 … Sew/ 1/4 inch from the drawn line on each side of the square, then cut along the pencil line. You will now have two HSTs. Finger press and then press (with an iron) the HSTs. Trim the corners off each square.

Scrappy Quilt 7

Quilt design
Step 4 … Now comes the fun part. I opened up an image of a ‘herringbone’ quilt on my laptop, and put my laptop where I could easily see it. Then it was just a matter of laying out the quilt top (I laid mine out on the floor), checking often to make sure the HSTs were ‘running’ the right way.

Scrappy Quilt 1

Step 5 … When you have a design laid out, don’t forget to step back from the quilt top and check your colour placement and overall ‘feel’ of the quilt.

Constructing the quilt top
Step 6 … Carefully place each row into piles and number each row. I have pinned a number on the first block of each row, so that I don’t mix up the order.

Scrappy Quilt 2

Step 7 … Pin each row. Make sure you check the row when you have finished pinning it (before you sew the blocks together) to make sure you haven’t accidentally turned any of the blocks.

Step 8 … Sew the rows of blocks together. I chain-piece six rows together at the same time.

Scrappy Quilt 3

Step 9 … Lay the rows on top of each other, then carefully press them. If you press them in order, you can make sure that you press the seams alternately. For example, row 1 is pressed to the left, row 2 is pressed to the right, row 3 is pressed to the left.

Scrappy Quilt 4

Step 10 … Pin the rows together in order. This is where I use my Clover fork pins, pinning each side of the seams. It makes for very neat and easy sewing. Sew the rows together.

Scrappy Quilt 5

Step 11 … Carefully press these seams, then press the finished quilt top. Now you are ready to begin the next part of the journey, the quilting process.

Scrappy Quilt 6

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the white stuff – bathroom …

Greige Design[Greige Design]

A serene bathroom today …

Things to love …  the gorgeous grey (concrete?) floor, an unusual window letting in loads of light, lots of clean, fresh white, a natural basket, which (along with sprigs of greenery) adds warmth, an extra deep bath, and the fact that the toilet is tucked out of sight.

It all looks good to me …

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gilded succulent pots, by delia creates …

Delia Creates

[Delia Creates]

I’m sharing a link to this simple tutorial to paint pots … very pretty, and I’m loving the succulents in these little pots.

Even my non-existant green thumbs and fingers can grow succulents!!!

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project 365, week 14 …

project 365, week 14, page 1

project 365, week 14, page 2 ...[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – continuing our weekend tradition, weekend breakfast with the man | charli & i are both missing our girl | quilt 2 of the #simplyretrochallenge is done | a treat at the end of a stressful day | surprise gift from avondale | hard life lesson this week, the boy was pick-pocketed at the movies | the man relaxing … [wk 14, mar 30 - apr 5, 2014]

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honey berry yoghurt pops, at joylicious …


I’m sharing a link to Joylicious here, because this looks too delicious not to share … you will find more yummy photos and a ‘recipe’ for this summer treat at Joylicious.

I think I need to make these … now!

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sharing technology – buying ebooks at the best price …

In the last few years, I have almost completely stopped buying paper copies of books (except pretty quilting books), and instead purchase ebooks, mostly through Amazon, choosing to read them through my Kindle app on my iPad. I’ve often wondered if I am getting ‘value’ when purchasing my eBooks this way.

Today I came across a website that compares ebook prices on various platforms. I thought it would be interesting to test it out, so I decided to ‘test’ my last ebook purchase.

The website is called Luzme, and all you need to do is select your country at the top of the page … I clicked on Australia … and then type Author, Title, Series or ISBN of a book in the search box. I did a search on Bones of the Lost, by Kathy Reichs.

Luzme 1

I selected the correct book … top of the ‘green’ list on the left, “Bones of the Lost: A Temperance Brennan Novel”, by Kathy Reichs.

Luzme 2

I can see four prices now, and it’s pretty obvious that purchasing my Kindle ebook in this case was my best option.

Don’t you love technology?

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simply retro challenge, quilt 2 …

Quilt 2 - Playground 1

Now that April is officially here, I am excited to share with you my version of quilt 2 of our Simply Retro challenge. [this quilt may or may not have been begun just before April arrived …]

For this month, Cassie has chosen Playground, and I’ve used the Mormor collection of fabrics in my quilt, along with my favourite white fabric, which is white homespun which I buy by the bolt. Again, I’ve been forced to take a photo using ‘not so good’ morning light, as I finished the quilt around 6 pm, and the evening light was even worse.

Quilt 2 - Playground 2

This was a quilt that made up very quickly, as the blocks were fairly simple to put together. Somewhere along the line, I made a mistake when I was planning out the quilt (I adapted the pattern a little), and I made twice as many Flying Geece blocks as I needed, so this month I will make a HST quilt from the extra blocks. I aim to use all the fabric that came in my fat quarter collection of Mormor fabrics … no waste, nothing left over … win win!!!

I spent the better part of a day sewing it up, and I chose to do it over the weekend as I had a full day to play with. The weather was miserable, I was up-to-date re the washing and ironing, the boy was working on a Java programming assignment, and the man was recovering from a half marathon and a couple of extra long runs, so I traipsed upstairs to my craft studio [I love the way that sounds!!!], watched some catch-up TV on my laptop and set to sewing. Heaven!!!

Quilt 2 - Playground 3

If you are wondering if the little pin [a Clover fork pin] in the image above works, let me give you a quick product review! I LOVE them … you use them to pin either side of seams when you are lining up two seams, hopefully with one seam allowance opening to the left and one to the right. They help to secure the seam intersections while you sew.

The rounded end of the fork pin sits up off the fabric, so it is easy to pull as as you sew close to it. I find them a big help, as you don’t have to pin through the extra thick stitching seam on two pieces of fabric. I hope this makes sense … try them, I find them a wonderful addition to my sewing kit. You can find them at OzQuilts if you live in Australia …

So here we go, two quilt tops completed out of the eleven quilts in the book, a mini chevron quilt ready for my quilting lesson coming up, when I will learn to use the walking foot on my Bernina, and a HST quilt in the making from the scraps of the Mormor leftovers. Not bad … hope you are in the quilting zone too!

Share a link, if you would like to, and I’ll come visit!!!

Quilt 2 - Playground 4

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the white stuff – kitchen/dining area …

Home Design Board[Home Design Board]

A glimpse of a beautiful kitchen/dining/lounge area … not huge in terms of actual area, but it seems so very spacious!

Things to love … the very high ceiling, large windows/doors framed in black, the pale timber floor that adds warmth to all the white, loads of natural light, the clean lines of the stainless steel fittings in the kitchen, the pendant lights (I want pendant lights!), the timber coffee table and bowl, bringing a little of nature inside, and the neutral rugs in the kitchen that keep soften the work areas without making a fashion statement.

So very clean, fresh, tidy … I’m moving in!!!

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treasure box 89 …

This is my little weekly post called treasure box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention.

You might find them fun too … this week I found some pretties on Etsy to share with you.

Find 1 … Isn’t she sweet? A doll with a cloth body and beautiful long hair. You can find her at NatsDoll.



Find 2 … Some delicate, sparkly ear-rings. Love. I discovered these at WulfGirl.


Find 3 … How sweet are these little bowls, found at Farmhouse Mud.


Farmhouse Mud

[Farmhouse Mud]

Find 4 … something to put up on a wall, I think this is stunning. I discovered this piece of art at Racetay.



Find 5 … And lastly, a gorgeous green leather notebook (120 pages blank cream or white pages), which I found at Jackdaw Bindery.

Jackdaw Bindery

[Jackdaw Bindery]

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