hail and havoc …

Mick Shipley

[yesterday’s storm, photo by Mick Shipley]

I had an adventure yesterday afternoon!

It was almost going home time at work when something made me look up to see that it was almost dark. I could hear an unusual sound outside (I’m on the fifth floor), and making my way to the window, I saw that it was hailing!!!

News Corp Australia

[News Corp Australia]

Yes, time for one of our unexpected summer storms. This one was a bad one. The hailstones ranged in size from small to almost the size of golf balls, and this storm has been labelled as the worst to hit my home city in thirty years.


The storm hit the city at 4.30 pm, just around the time people started to head home.

I watched the storm rage under cover until just before my bus was due, when I managed to make my way across the road where the water was shallowest. hopping, skipping and lots of jumping, carrying an umbrella, a backpack, a tote, and a large paper bag from Nespresso! Incidentally, the large paper bag only just made it home before it disintegrated completely!!!


At the height of the storm which lasted about half an hour, water was raging down the streets and traffic came to a stop.


At my bus stop I was amused to see hail covering the bus stop bench (left photo). No one wanted to sit there, but lots of folk stopped to photograph it! Of course, buses rumbled and sloshed their way past our stop continuously once the traffic could move again, but it was an hour and a half before my bus lurched into view. The man had offered to come into the city to pick me up but really, that would just mean that both of us were then stuck in traffic.

As I went to climb up onto the bus, the bus driver cheerfully said, ‘Brisbane Ferry!’ I looked at him blankly, then laughed as I realized he was looking ahead to where he would have to drive through deep water, further down the street. We had a fairly quick, uneventful bus ride home, and I noticed that the way seemed rather dark, then later worked out it was due to 80,000+ homes being without power.

Fortunately we had no damage to our home/ electrical appliances … my only drama was that it took me 2 ½ hours to get home from work.

Other folk weren’t quite so lucky!

Courier Mail 1

[Courier Mail]

Courier Mail 2

[Courier Mail]

Courier Mail 1

[an apartment just west of the city, sans roof, Courier Mail]

Today in the city there are lots of folks sweeping up the litter from trees and unblocking drains, and shop owners who have the misfortune to be in the lower areas of the city have been mopping up after the deluge.

And that was my adventure!!!

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made by claire louise – felt food …

made by claire louise 1

made by claire louise 2

[made by claire louise]

This week’s Etsy find is made by claire louise.

If you have a little person living at your house, you might like to check out made by claire louise … here are some details from the shop’s description …

I make a range of things from children’s educational and pretend play toys to home decor, accessories and gifts.

Each product is handmade with care by me. I use various materials and textiles including:
- Fabric; particularly felt and recycled felt made from plastic bottles
- Stone
- Wood
- Acrylic Paints
-Washi Tape
- Wool

I am based in Australia but do ship internationally.

Christmas is just around the corner … and I am very sure you will find something fun in this Etsy shop to pop into Xhristmas gifts and stockings.

Here are some more images of shop goodies …

made by claire louise 3

made by claire louise 4

[made by claire louise]

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project 365, week 47 …

project 365, week 47, page 1

project 365, week 47, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – the cottage garden | blueberry pancakes, breakfast date | mini quilt | basil and parsley | special gift from a special friend | gold coast trail running series | shopping with the girls … [wk 47, nov 16 – 22, 2014]

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tutorial – hexie case pattern, by During Quiet Time …

During Quiet Time

[During Quiet Time]

Just in case you have a bunch of hexagons lying around waiting to be made into something fun, I thought I would share a link to this hexie pattern for a little zippered bag. You can find the pattern for sale at During Quiet Time here

Here is a description of the bag  …

Hexiecase … This six sided, fully lined, zippered bag with hexagonal ends makes for a roomy pencil case though it could be used for so many other purposes too due to its generous size. You could fit your handsewing projects in there … English Paper Pieced hexagons perhaps? I pair of full sized sewing shears can fit in this bag with ease. [from here]

So, during some ‘quiet time’ during the holiday season coming up, I thought I might make one of these … are you tempted?

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holiday weekend …

It’s strange how a weekend of fun is almost as good as a holiday … I’ve blogged before about our semi-annual girls’ weekends away from the usual weekend routines with two of my high-school girlfriends. We’ve been to Melbourne a couple of times, and have an overseas trip planned somewhere in the next couple of years.

This weekend, however, the fun came to me!!!

As I have moved into a new home, the girls flew interstate to stay with us, and they were kind enough to say that it was even better than staying at a hotel for the weekend. I’m not so sure, as they fended for themselves for breakfast, raiding my pantry and fridge, and we ate out for the rest of the time!

It was very relaxing though, as my boy kept his usual low profile, and the man was away competing in a local race, and we basically had the house to ourselves. They flew in Thursday night, we had dinner at The Shingle Inn on the way home from the airport, and spent the rest of the evening enjoying a house tour and generally catching up.

Weekend Holiday 1

Then on Friday morning we hit the shops.

Funny how that small phrase can strike fear into my husband’s heart!

The girls have physio and occupational therapy working lives, so they inspected my troublesome feet (I have an appointment with an excellent sports physio tomorrow to sort them out, I suspect I have Achilles tendinopathy] and declared that I needed to stop wearing flat shoes and needed to upgrade to a small heel and better support, so sadly I now am the owner of very expensive well-supported shoes from Ziera Shoes.

That said, the shoes are kind of cute!!!

Weekend Holiday 2

So with the shoe thing out of the way we moved on to clothes … oh my! I found several interesting shops where the girl and I can visit later, with an eye to compiling a professional wardrobe for her.


And, of course, the ‘dining out’ thing as well … so good!



Weekend Holiday 3

We indulged where desserts and coffee we concerned, we taste-tested iced teas …


Weekend Holiday 4

We enjoyed iced coffees and freeze-dried strawberries covered in chocolate …

We decided that Pandora bracelets were all the go, so the girls bought one each and a charm to remember our holiday. For some unaccountable reason, I didn’t need to buy a bracelet (Megan will understand why!!!), but I did buy a new charm. Any excuse, right?


Let’s just say that we need to work on our selfies …


This is the charm I bought, a white/clear charm.I love this white charm …

Screenshot 2014-11-19 21.02.06We gave solicited and unsolicited fashion consultants’ advice to each other as we tried on and paraded possible clothing purchases, and during our coffee breaks, we caught up on our (grown-up) children’s’ lives.

I loudly rejoiced in the fact that I was hanging out with two grandmas (between them, four grandchildren) and that there was no chance of me joining the grannies club in the near future. Mind you, they did drag me into a couple of kids’ clothing shops which I had not visited since my two were young, and goodness, there are some cute things out there for little people!


We bought chocolate for a ‘left-behind’ hubby, then left it in the car in 40’C+ heat, so I fear he may have to each his chocolate with a spoon.

One highlight for us was a trip to our local patchwork shop where I picked up two quilts and dropped two quilts off for quilting. I will trim and bind the finished quilts during this week, I hope. One quilt that has been on my ‘to do’ quilting list for some time is a Drunkards Path quilt, and there was one up on the wall at the quilting shop. One of my friends loved it, and I think it won’t be too long before I make her one, if we can source the fabric collection.

So I think that’s enough fun and frivolity for one weekend … we have already planned and almost booked the next weekend adventure for April of next year! Can’t wait!!!

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scrappy quilts …


One of my favourite quilts to make is a scrappy quilt …

  1. you get to use all those lovely little scraps left over from quilting fun which means no piece of loveliness is wasted,
  2. I love the surprise patterns that can suddenly appear when you lay out a quilt design,
  3. they are relatively quick and easy to run up, and
  4. they can be made in stages over a long period of time. Oh yes, and …
  5. everyone loves a scrappy quilt to snuggle under!


Let me explain this last reason I love scrappy quilts!

Almost two years ago, I cut out some 5 inch squares from leftover bits and pieces. I found some yardage of low volume fabric, and cut this into five inch squares. I popped the squares into a plastic container to keep them ‘safe’.

Six months or so later, I paired and pinned the squares together (a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ together)  and marked then ready for sewing.

scrap quilt

Eighteenth months later (this week!), I sew up the squares, cut and trimmed them, laid them out in a design and sewed the blocks and rows together. And now I have a scrappy quilt top.

So, the great thing is, HSTs don’t go stale if you leave them for a while, and eventually they make up into lovely scrappy quilts.  Tonight, I will be eying off another other pile of ‘prepared’ HSQs, ready to run up another scrappy quilt.

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project 365, week 46 …

project 365, week 46, page 1

project 365, week 46, page 2

[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – around nana & poppa’s house | to die for yumminess | be still my beating heart, the extended edition with commentary | obviously bored at work | new dress | new exy shoes designed to help sore heels & ankles | a weekend of fun & frivolity with these lovely ladies … [wk 46, nov 9 – 15, 2014]

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clara and macy – make your own kits …

clara and macy

clara and macy

[clara and macy]

Loving these ‘whimsical goodies’ which you can find at the Etsy shop, Clara and Macy … you can purchase kits to make these little characters.

I really loved reading the background to this little shop, which you can find on a blog called Cupcakes for Clara … 

‘I am the lovely lovely Clara. I am extremely funny AND clever. A girl called Laura Clempson makes all my clothes and toys. She also makes bits and bobs and stuff for cartoons on the television, blah blah blah, boring boring boring. Anyway more about me…

I like pink and dressing up and pretty things and of course cupcakes, and sometimes I like my twin sister Macy but mostly I don’t like her, ESPECIALLY when she tries to steal my cupcakes, which is mostly unfair.’ [from here]

It’s worth a visit, I promise!!!

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tutorial – geometric heart, by my sister’s suitcase …

My Sister's Suitcase

[My Sister’s Suitcase]

Need to add a pop of color to your wall? Check out this tutorial for a colorful Geometric Heart guaranteed to brighten up any room!

Visit My Sister’s Suitcase for instructions and more beautiful photos that illustrate the process of creating this piece of wall art. LOVE it!!!

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tutorial – *smiles*, a hexagon quilt …


I have mentioned how addictive making a hexagon quilt is, haven’t I?

I get about 4/5’s of the way through a quilt, and the next one pops into my head!!! My latest finished hexagon adventure is called *smiles* … because it makes me smile when I look at it.

Here are the ‘vital statistics’ of this quilt –

This quilt top measures approximately  43 x 48 inches before quilting.

23 ‘flowers’ = 6 coloured hexagons in each, total of 138 coloured hexagons plus 4 ‘half flowers on the two edges of the quilt (8 coloured hexagons), total of 146 coloured hexagons.

2 coloured hexagons between each flower = 46 coloured hexagons

6 rows of 31 coloured hexagons = 186 coloured hexagons

2 rows of ‘fill in’ coloured hexagons between the vertical rows on the side edges of the quilt top  = 32 coloured hexagons

white hexagons around flowers and centres = 319 white hexagons

total number of hexagons = 729 hexagons

Please bear in mind that although I have checked and rechecked my figures, I may have made a mistake, so please proceed with caution!

If you would like to make this small hand-sewn hexagon quilt, this is what you need to do …

Step 1 … choose happy fabric! I’ve used some of my mini charm packs called ‘Chance of Flowers’ by Sandy Gervais for Moda, and leftover scraps from Happiness Happy Mochi Yum Yum and Good Luck Happy Mochi Yum Yum, and some little pieces from a local fabric shop in bright colours; you will need to construct 404 hexagons. And of course, I’ve chosen to use lots of lovely white fabric, to set off these happy colours. You need to construct 319 white hexagons.

Step 2 … construct your hexagons, and sew them into ‘flowers’. To make each flower you will need one white centre, and 6 coloured hexagons. Don’t get too fixated about picking colours that blend, just put them together as they happen. They will all blend beautifully together in the end, I promise.

You will need to construct 23 full ‘flowers’ to make this quilt.


If you need help with the basics of sewing hexagons, I have a tutorial with images here.

Step 3 … after your ‘flowers’ are constructed, sew a row of white hexagons around each ‘flower’. There are 12 white hexagons around each flower


Step 4 … lay your ‘flowers’ out in rows in a design that you like. When I am happy with the overall look, I stack my ‘flowers’ one on top of each other in order in each row, and label/number each row.


Step 5 … Take one pile of ‘flowers’ and sew them together in order with two coloured hexagons, as can be seen below in the row of hexagons to the left in the image. Make sure that you keep your row number, as you will need to know what order the rows are sewn together.

hexagon quilt

Step 6 … sew 31 coloured hexagons together in a chain. You will need 6 rows in total.

Step 7 … sew these chains between each row of flowers, and sew one chain to the top and bottom of the quilt top. You can see a row of hexagons with chains sewn to the top and bottom in the image above. If you use 1 ½ inch hexagons, a ‘flower’ piece and chain will measure about 10 ½ inches across at the widest point at this stage.

Step 8 … now you will need to think about how you will finish off the edges of the quilt. I have sewed an extra row of hexagons down each side of the quilt (42 coloured hexagons), as I will lose some part of the hexagons when trim and bind the edge of the quilt top.

Final step … your hexagon quilt top is now finished, and will need to be prepared for quilting. You can find a tutorial on preparing a hexagon quilt for this next step here.

I’ve decided to quilt this little number myself … I plan to use this method to finish the top/bottom edge, and black and white striped binding to finish the two longer vertical sides of the quilt top. Pictures to follow … happy quilting!

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fluffmonger – falafel the plush llama …

fluffmonger fluffmonger 2


Total cuteness this week, in the form of handmade works of art with real personality.

From the Etsy store description …

Fluffmonger plush are handmade works of art crafted using materials that are organic and ethically produced.

Each piece is designed and hand-made by Fluffmonger owner Jenny Maj.

All materials used are organic and either fair trade or manufactured by reputable companies. The majority of the fabrics used are organic scraps from a local zero-waste company.

All fabrics are hand-dyed using low-impact dyes and washed before and after dyeing with a non-toxic, biodegradable soap.

You can read a great interview with Jenny by Abby Glassenberg here, where Jenny talks about the process of making these lovely works of art. Jenny has a Facebook page too, where you can shares more good stuff with her fans here.

fluffmonger 4

[phoebe and egg]

This image is from another interview with phoebe and egg, and I love how we see the ‘production line’ happening here. That sewing area looks very neat and tidy, doesn’t it?

I hope you enjoy visiting Jenny’s Etsy store … I’ll finish with another image of her very cute characters.

fluffmonger 3


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project 365, week 45 …

P365, week 45, page 1

p365, week 45, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – brilliant colour in the afternoon sunshine | park run | sorting out the bionicle horde | window shopping | brunch with the man | scrappy quilt in the making | dressing up for the melbourne cup … [wk 45, nov 2 – 8, 2014]

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quilting wips, october 2014 …

I’m thinking if I don’t get this posted, November is going to be half over, as today is the 5th!!! There was a mad scramble during the last couple of days of October, quilting/sewing-wise, as I wanted desperately to ‘tick’ some things off my lists below. And I’m glad to say that I have been moving things around … Not much happened in the ‘ideas’ stage, but I did get my *smiles* hexagon quilt top completed ready for quilting, and I completed my #simplyretrochallenge quilt based on the Framed quilt by Camille Roskelley, and finished my Dilly Bag challenge.



Two quilts were dropped off to be professionally quilted, the Feathers ‘herrringbone’ quilt (made from leftovers of Playground quilt) and the #simplyretrochallenge quilt 4 Swell. I’m not sure how quickly they will be finished, but as you can see below, there are 5 more quilts waiting to be quilted, and a November quilt will be finished this week, which I will have to add to the list. Sigh.

Oh yes, I need to add another little project I completed over the weekend to the ‘finished stage’ list … I made a So Sew Easy – Easy Cosmetics Bag, which you can see below. It was a zippered pouch, and I wanted to ‘test drive’ the pattern before committing myself to making more … I have decided that the zip was a bit doubtful (where can I buy classy, good quality, fun zips?) and I cut out one of the pieces of fabric upside down, but I was pleased with the end result. I love that it has a flat bottom on it.

So Sew Easy Cosmetics bag, from So Sew Easy[So Sew Easy]

Lessons I learned … I need to think about fabric placement when I am cutting out the sides, I should invest in better quality zips, and need to use firm interfacing or quilt the bag, to give it more body. The instructions that came with the pattern (which was free!!!) were supplemented with an excellent Youtube video, the link for which you will find in the instructions. You can find a link to the pattern here. And here is my little bag …


So here’s a rundown of where I stand, quilting-wise, at the end of October …

the ‘ideas’ stage

  1. a secret project involving diamond paper piecing
  2. Rainy Day Sewing, by thimble blossoms

the ‘construction’ stage

  1. the girl’s grey and white chevron quilt
  2. a ‘secret squirrel’ project I’m working on with the girl
  3. a second Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  4. a second hexagon sewing kit
  5. 5 in squares to make into scrappy quilts

the ‘quilt top’ stage

  1. Noteworthy hexagon quilt
  2. Limes & Lemons hexagon quilt
  3. a new hexagon quilt called *smiles*

the ‘ready for (professional) quilting’ stage

  1. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 1 Sweet Life
  2. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 2 Playground
  3. hexagon quilt 1 made from ‘Good Morning’
  4. hexagon quilt 2 made from ‘Good Morning’
  5. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 7 Dwell

the ‘being quilted’ stage

  1. Feathers ‘herrringbone’ quilt (made from leftovers of Playground quilt)
  2. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 4 Swell

the ‘finished’ stage

  1. iPad cover
  2. hexagon sewing kit
  3. Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  4. Scrappy quilt
  5. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 6 Fresh
  6. Modern Vintage hexagon quilt
  7. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 3 Vintage
  8. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 5 Framed
  9. Judy’s Dilly Bag

Roll on November …

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tutorial – designing a hexagon quilt …

Gentle readers, it’s that time again … time to design and begin a new hexagon quilt.

It goes without saying that it takes time to hand-sew a hexagon quilt. I really enjoy the process that spreads over months, but I also enjoy the planning and designing of a new hexagon quilt.

I’ve enjoyed making different types of hexagon quilts over the last couple of years.

First, there was the ‘everything all in together’ quilt …


There there was the ‘grandmother’s garden’ phase …


Then there was the ‘diamonds’ phase …

hexagon quilt 2

And then there was the ‘oh goodness, whatever will I do next’ phase …

hexagon quilt

And now I’m trying something a little different, working with diamonds … and it’s such fun!!!

In this tutorial I will share my process for how I go about deciding on a design for a new hexagon quilt.

Step 1 … I spend some time looking at images of hexagon quilts online. I basically Google or search Pinterest to see what comes up with the very general search terms ‘hexagon quilt diamond’ or ‘hexagon quilt grandma’s garden’. I scroll through until I see a design that inspires me or speaks to me. It is obvious from the hexagon quilts that I have sewn to date that I respond to ‘organized’ designs, rather than ‘hot mess’ designs.

Step 2 … once I have decided on a design, I construct a ‘block’, measure it, and from that measurement, decide what dimensions my quilt will have, and calculate how many hexagons I will need to construct.

Step 3 … now I can work out how much fabric I need. Let me share the stats for my next quilt.

Pleasant Home

I was inspired by this image, which is from Pleasant Home here

What I loved about these little blocks were the white stars … many other quilts had coloured stars and white ‘edges’, but I really like the white stars bordered with the coloured ‘blocks’.

So … I made up a block with 1 ½ inch card die cut diamond templates which I purchased from pbpatch on Etsy, which you can find here … My finished block measured 5 inches across. (Incidentally, I did try working with 1 inch diamond templates, but found the size too small for me to work with. I couldn’t get any ‘speed’ up while constructing the diamonds, and was getting very frustrated in the process, and hey, this was supposed to be fun, so I moved up to the 1 ½ inch templates.)

This quilt will measure 60 x 60 inches, so I need 144 finished 5 inch blocks, 12 x 5 inch blocks down and 12 x 5 inch blocks across.

I need 6 white diamonds and 6 coloured diamonds for each block, so I need 864 white diamonds and 864 coloured diamonds.

A little experimentation lets me know that I need to cut my strips of fabric into 3 inch strips across the fabric, which are then cut into sections 2 inches wide. A diamond will fit nicely on a 3 x 2 inch block.

So if my fabric is approximately 42 inches wide, I need to cut at least 42 x 3 inch wide strips of white fabric.

And for my coloured diamonds, I can use scraps or mini charm packs or jelly rolls … all I need to do is make sure I have at least 864 coloured diamonds to make the corner blocks between the stars.

For this quilt, which I am calling *stars in my eyes*, I am using 6 mini charm packs of Fancy by Lily Ashbury (253 coloured blocks), and 6 mini charm packs of Color Me Happy by V & Co (253 coloured blocks), and lots of bright scraps left over from other quilts (358 coloured blocks). You can often buy the mini charm packs cheaper if you buy six or more at one time.


Next, I pin the card template to the mini charm or rectangular block, and trim a rough ¼ inch shape around the template. I am making sure that I am not using ‘low volume’ fabrics for these corner blocks, as I want them to ‘read’ as solid colours, not wanting them to ‘blend’ into the white stars.

So, let’s summarize what I need to construct this quilt …

* 1,728 x 1 ½ inch diamond templates
* 42 x 3 inch strips of white fabric, cut into 3 x 2 inch blocks. You need 864 white blocks.
* enough scraps or mini charm packs or jelly rolls to make 864 coloured blocks.
* backing and binding fabric for the 60 x 60 inch finished quilt top
* little plastic bags to store 6 white/6 coloured blocks plus templates for each block
* cotton/scissors/pins

Of course, you don’t have to make a large hexagon quilt … you can adapt the hand-sewing process to make a cushion cover if you wish, or a mug rug, or wall hanging, or a pouch or table runner. This is the glory of a hand-sewn hexie project, it can be as big or as small as you desire!


What I love about this creative process is that I can pop two small plastic bags with templates and fabric tucked away neatly inside them, a small pair of scissors and a roll of cotton along with a needle into my cute sewing case and know that I have at least three to four hours of hand-sewing with me. There is much joy in seeing my pile of beautiful little star blocks growing on a daily basis, and it sure makes my twice-daily bus trip so much more enjoyable.

As I sit with the man at night, I sort out my coloured and white blocks, pin them to templates and trim around them, and then they get carefully popped into the little plastic zip-lock bags, ready for their work-day drive in and out of the city. It is a very calming process, making hexagons, and quite addictive. I love my hexie hobbie … so who’s with me? Cassie, what are you going to make?

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project 365, week 44 …

p365, week 44, page 1

p365, week 44, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – at my feet | my movie mate | joing the last few rows | breakfast with the man | the cottage garden | james makes me a coffee | running off-road with the girls … [wk 44, oct 26 – nov 1, 2014]

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october is on the way out … quilting talk!

Tomorrow is the last day of October, and there has been a sudden flurry of activity in my quilting corner over the last couple of evenings after I have arrived home from work.

I am very conscious of my October quilting wip (works in progress) roundup that I want to do on the first of November.

Has there been any progress during the last month? Have any projects been completed, photographed for posterity, maybe even hung on the wall? Hmmm … check this space in a day or two.

*smiles* hexagon quiltYes, I do have visions of ticking some boxes. I have only about three hours of hand-sewing left in my latest hexagon quilt, a little number I am calling *smiles* … After two massive hexagon quilts that took between six and nine months each to sew up, it was lovely to work on a 50 x 50 inch project.

At the beginning of this quilt, as always, I spent time looking at images (via Google Images) of hexagon quilts until I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

*smiles* is a bright and colourful quilt, and there is lots of white mixed in with the colourful hexagons, which is my favourite go-to colour for a hexagon quilt. I downloaded a hexagon pattern png file, opened it up in Photoshop, and created my pattern from there by dropping colour into the hexagon shapes. This is what I ended up with.

smiles 2

It gave me a visual idea of where I was going, and helped me to calculate how many hexagons I needed to construct. I’ve written up a tutorial and taken photos as I have worked on this quilt, and I’ll post it here when the quilt top is done. So more on *smiles* later …

I’ve prepared a pesky quilt top for quilting … it has been lying around for ever waiting for some attention.

I’ve thought about fabric storage! Somehow my fabric stash has been growing! I’m not sure how that happened, but it has, and I have some space on top of a deep white dresser/cupboard that was originally my boy’s changing table (23 years ago). I’m thinking some white shelves perhaps … Ikea has these little numbers for just over $100. Though I dare not say Ikea too loudly in hearing of the man, as I’m pretty sure he is over putting Ikea furniture together!


Can you see these white shelves filled with beautiful bundles of fabric? I can!!!

I have also found a couple more projects that I want to make … does that count as progress? Not sure about that! Regardless, I think that some time in the near future, making a couple of bags may feature!

So … I’m guessing progess has been made. Check back in a couple of days to see a formal formal ‘wip’ report for the month of October, quilting-wise … it’s all the the cause of keeping me ‘sewing honest’!

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sharon clancy designs – cloud necklace …

Sharon Clancy Designs

Sharon Clancy Designs 2

[Sharon Clancy Designs]

I must confess to loving unusual costume jewellery … and this is just gorgeous! It’s a cloud necklace … do you think that’s a raindrop underneath it? I think so …

Have a wander through Sharon Clancy Designs and discover some really stunning little pieces of art … you can find the Etsy shop here

Happy shopping!!!

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project 365, week 43 …

project 365, week 43, page 1

project 365, week 43, page 2[Credits: Hello There Template (altered), by Paislee Press. Font: Courier New.]

Journaling – i think they are multiplying while i’m not watching | it’s the little things that make my heart sing | summer is on the way |  another park run | have hexie kit, will travel | friday selfie … [wk 43, oct 19 – 25, 2014]

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tutorial – dia ring cones, by for the makers …

For the Makers

[For the Makers]

I want to share a link today to a tutorial to make these lovely minimalist ring cones. They are made from some materials you may have lying around the house, and I can see them living quite happily at my house!

For the instructions and more images, go to For the Makers, here …

I enjoyed learning about the backstory for For the Makers, which you can read about here

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simply retro challenge, quilt 8 update and finish …

Sunday morning, I got up and thought, ‘Today would be a good day to make a (mini ) quilt!’ … and indeed, it was!

The man was out doing a (short) long run of 15 kms, and not a creature was stirring, as the boy was sleeping in. Incidentally, the man came home wearing a hat. He tried to convince me that the running shop had sold him a hat and given him an expensive pair of off-road running shoes. I’m inclined to think he paid for the shoes, and the hat was thrown in for free!

But back to the important thing, the quilting stuff … so quickly rewind to ‘Today was a good day to make a (mini) quilt’! Got it?

Things didn’t happen quite that quickly though. There was some planning, thinking, selecting involved. On Saturday night I brought up the pattern on my iPad and had a little think about what fabrics I was going to use.

Sad to say, I don’t have a pile of delicious scraps to rummage through, as most of my ‘left overs’ disappear into hexagon quilts. (In fact, not so long ago, I happily ran some scraps of pretty fabric through my Sizzix machine making hexagons out of the fabric, then realized in dismay that I had just cut up my binding yardage for the quilt!!!)

Quilt 8 Adorn 1

I had a little bundle of Horizon fat eighths, and the blues and greens were excitedly clamouring to be made into Adorn, so what else was I to do? On Sunday morning I simply cut half a dozen 1 ½ inch strips off the ends of some of the Horizon fabrics, and chain-pieced them into blocks and cut out the triangles I need for the quilt. Some more triangles out of my ever-useful white quilters’ homespun, a few minutes laying out the blocks, and then I had the fun of piecing it together.

Quilt 8 Adorn 2

It really didn’t take long to put together … I quilted it very simply, and bound it with two green/blue fat eighths … and that was quilt 8 of the #simplyretrochallenge done and dusted!!! The mini quilt measures 22 inches by 24 inches, and @megfishc is going to make hers a Christmas affair, so I can’t wait to see that one. If you have lots of scraps in your life, this project is quick and easy and scrap-hungry …

Incidentally, don’t you think Clover should make some pretty blue and green binding clips, so that I don’t have to use the red ones on my Horizon mini quilt? I think so …

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