Hexagon quilt 101

How to sew a hexagon quilt by hand ... a great place for a beginner to start! I talk about the supplies you will need, how to construct hexagons, how to sew them together, and how to work out a design for your hexagon quilt.

Hexagon quilts

General questions on sewing a hexagon quilt. In this post you will find information on hexagon templates, basting or glueing, hexagon sizes and a link to a basic tutorial on starting your first hexagon quilt.

designing a hexagon quilt

This post goes through my process for designing a new hexagon quilt.

Preparing a hexagon quilt for quilting

This tutorials works through the stages of preparing a hexagon for quilting, either by a home sewist or by a professional long-arm quilter.

*grandma's garden* tutorial 1

This is the first of two tutorials to make a Grandma's Garden hexagon quilt.

*grandma's garden* tutorial 2

This is the second part of a tutorial on making a Grandma's Garden hexagon quilt, and explains how to prepare your hexagon quilt for quilting.

*good morning* tutorial

This is a little tutorial which goes through the process of putting one of my Good Morning hexagon quilts together.

*smiles* tutorial

This is a tutorial for my *smiles* hexagon quilt.

*herringbone* tutorial

Tutorial for a herringbone quilt.

8 HSTs

Making half square triangles the easy way.



Lightroom tutorials

my learning curve and Lightroom 3

Lightroom & Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies: Part 1

Lightroom & Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies: Part 2

Lightroom & Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies: Part 3

Lightroom & Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies: Part 4

Lightroom & Organizing Digital Scrapbooking Supplies: Importing Routine


digital scrapbooking

adding a new layer

browsing your font list

changing palette font size

classy sepia

colorizing an image

copying layer styles

creating a custom style

creating more canvas

dual view editing

editing text via the character palette

highlight small fields


layer jumping

move tool access

moving elements on a single layer

multiple undo shortcut

opening the image size dialog box

photo zoom

scaling layer styles

selecting all text layers

show/hide layers quickly

spot healing brush

water-colour painting effect in photoshop

where’s the cursor?


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