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sharing technology – bookbook travel journal, by twelvesouth …

[twelvesouth] Oh my, this makes my little librarian’s heart beat just that little bit faster!!! Technology plus books equals love!!! From the twelvesouth website … BookBook Travel Journal looks like a vintage book, but it’s really a dapper, hardback leather case designed to hold your iPad and the essential accessories that go with it. Inside you’ll […]

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sharing podcasts – serial …

Have you listened to the Serial podcast? This is from the Serial podcast website … Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, and is hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial tells one story – a true story – over the course of an entire season. Each season, we’ll follow a plot and […]

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sharing technology – project life app …

[from iTunes] It’s hard to put an exact date on it, but I think I started paper scrapbooking round about the year 2000. I’ve always been a ‘simple scrapper’, and it goes almost without saying that someone who inspired my scrapping life was Becky Higgins. I bought her books, I played around with her sketches, and […]

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sharing technology – stocard app …

This is life-changing stuff, folks. Today, I’m sharing about an app I discovered this week that literally takes the place of all those plastic cards you carry around in your purse or wallet … Stocard is a free app for your smartphone (iPhone & Android) that stores the barcodes from your loyalty cards on your […]

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podcast chatter …

These last few weeks, I’ve been enjoying some ‘new to me’ podcasts, and I thought I would share them with you today. Stephanie, the voice behind the microphone at Modern Sewciety, explains a little about her podcast content …  ‘I love blogs and I love podcasts. I want to hear more and really meet some […]

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backing up with backblaze …

I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned backing up with Backblaze before on my blog; I was sure I had, but after doing a search, I can’t find any evidence of a post, so here we go … I love Backblaze! I’ve used Backblaze for several years now, and I’m very happy with them as […]

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sharing technology – audible …

So, hands up all the folks who have trouble switching their brains off and getting to sleep at night? Uh huh … I’m not the only one then? Ok, so I’ve counted sheep, imagined my mind a whiteboard and ‘cleaned’ it, done some deep breathing, and counted backwards from 1,000 by threes, and nothing seems […]

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sticky9 …

It goes without saying that I am missing my girl at the moment (she flew out of our nest at the beginning of this year) … and recently I came across Sticky9, which is helping me a little with that. Basically, I have combined a few of my loves; photos of my family, Instagram, and […]

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sharing games – the room …

[The Room, by Fireproof Games] I want to share a fun game I found this week, while reading the latest Macworld. It’s called ‘The Room’, and there is a sequel as well, imaginatively named ‘The Room Two’. The games were created by Fireproof Games, and if you want a bit of a giggle, go read […]

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sharing technology – digital gardening …

[Digital Trends] So you don’t have a green thumb? Me neither … so here’s a thought? Why don’t you get your iPhone to do the gardening for you? How’s this for an idea … Niwa, an upcoming product from a UK startup of the same name, seeks to  … (bring)  hydroponic gardening into your living […]

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sharing technology – picresize …

[picresize] Here’s a handy little tool I discovered today … if you don’t have access to your photo editing tools, and need to resize an image quickly, you might find this website useful too. I found this brief description on the website … ‘, a popular online photo editor, is celebrating reaching the milestone of […]

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sharing technology – managing your home library …

I discovered a fun piece of software this week that will help you manage your home library, if you are that way inclined! Although for the most part I only buy eBooks now, I still have some lovely white bookcases filled with paper copies of old favourites. For a few years now, I have catalogued […]

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sharing technology – print-friendly web pages …

[Print Friendly] I am really excited to share this little technology discovery with you to do … a website that helps you turn, for example, a blog posting into a PDF, print-friendly document. The website is called PrintFriendly, and you can find it here … ‘PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. […]

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sharing technology – buying ebooks at the best price …

In the last few years, I have almost completely stopped buying paper copies of books (except pretty quilting books), and instead purchase ebooks, mostly through Amazon, choosing to read them through my Kindle app on my iPad. I’ve often wondered if I am getting ‘value’ when purchasing my eBooks this way. Today I came across […]

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sharing technology – qr codes …

Do you know what a QR code is? Do you know how to make your own QR codes? And an even more interesting question is, do you know what you can use a QR code for? You may have seen something like the pretty pattern below and wondered what it was all about. Ok, a […]

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sharing technology – contact lockscreen …

I worry sometimes that if I lose my phone, it will be difficult for anyone who finds it to return it to me, as I don’t have my name on it, and the screen is locked. This week I found a free app that takes care of this problem. The app is called Contact Lockscreen. […]

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‘flipboard’ your way through life …

Do you use Flipboard? [screenshots of Flipboard on my iPhone] It’s a little app that I really enjoy using. Wikipedia describes it as ‘a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application software for Android and iOS. It collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through […]

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digitwirl … all about making the tech work for you!

I always enjoy finding an email from Digitwirl in my Inbox, so I thought I would tell you a little about this website, if you aren’t already familiar with it. I’ve been watching the little videos for some time now, and thoroughly enjoy them. So what is Digitwirl? This is from the Digitwirl website … […]

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snapwidget … installing an instagram feed into your blog sidebar

Regular readers may have noticed a new addition to my blog sidebar … I now have an Instagram feed just under the Search field. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, as I’m a big Instagram fan, and I’ve tentatively checked out some widgets to do this. As I was wandering through […]

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my blurb experience …

Recently, I really enjoyed listening to Wendy from Studio Wendyzines, Steph, Katie, and Peppermint discussing printing photos and layouts on The Digi Show podcast. (Episode 27: Printing Questions Answered) Part of the discussion revolved around printing photo books, so I thought I would blog about my experience with Blurb. When I began scrapping in 2003, […]

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