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sharing audio books – the outlander series, by diana gabaldon …

Perhaps, gentle reader, you watched the recent tv series, Outlander, based on the first book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? This series ‘follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where […]

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book review – blogging: the big guide to creative content …

[Mollie Makes]  I want to share with you my thoughts on a magazine I came across by accident this week. It was my ‘lunch time wander through the city’ time and I was browsing the magazine shelves for quilting magazines, as you do. (You do, don’t you?) Tucked in behind a magazine was a copy […]

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sharing books – jill kismet series, by lilith saintcrow …

Now that I have finished the Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow on my daily bus trip in and out of the city, I’ve moved on to another series by the same author that I love, the Jill Kismet series. I’ve purchased the Kindle omnibus edition of Jill Kismet which contains: Night Shift, Hunter’s Prayer, […]

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sharing books – dante valentine series, by lilith saint crow …

One of the upsides of public transport is the opportunity to read on a regular basis. Now that things have settled down in my part of the world and I have a regular bus to catch, I have 1 ½ hours of reading time available to me each day! And funnily enough, even though I […]

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sharing books – the gandalara cycle, by randall garrett …

I want to share a favourite series with you today, called the Gandalara Cycle. The three books that make up this series were written in the 1980s, and you find it a little difficult to source copies of the books, but it is worth the hunt, if you like a good fantasy read. You will […]

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sharing books – georgette heyer …

I was reminded recently of one of my favourite authors, so I thought I would share a little about Georgette Heyer and two of my favourite books from her collection of almost 60 books. She was born in 1902 and died in 1974, and is best known for writing historical romances and detective fiction. I love that […]

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sharing books – the raven cycle, by Maggie Stiefvater …

Time for another book suggestion … I’m a Maggie Stiefvater fan from way back and I have suggested a couple of books written by this YA author before, namely the Linger series and The Scorpio Races. Today I’d like to share another series written by Maggie, The Raven Boys. I’ve read the first two books […]

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sharing books – the legend/champion/prodigy trilogy, by marie lu …

[image from here] I came across this series recently and devoured all three books in quick succession … isn’t it fabulous when a series is completed before you begin it, and you have a satisfying read that begins, has a middle, and a satisfying conclusion? I hate having to wait months/years for the next book […]

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quilting challenge …

It happened like this, folks … Last week during one of my lunch breaks, I was wandering along the aisles of a bookshop, minding my own business, when I came across this oh so beautiful quilting book. It is called, as you can see above, Simply Retro with Camille Roskelley, and it is jam-packed full […]

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sharing books – the blood of eden series, by julie kagawa …

It’s been a while, gentle blog reader, since I have shared a book review with you. This week I came across a new (to me) series by Julie Kagawa, called The Blood of Eden. I read the Iron Fey series by Julie a while back and enjoyed the books, so when I read in a […]

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sharing books – bones are forever, by kathy reichs …

I read a new book from Kathy Reichs this week, #15 in the Temperance Brennan series. I was intrigued to see that there were some negative reviews on Amazon for this book. However, I found it to be ‘classic Reichs’, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I buy all Kathy’s books, as I have yet to […]

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sharing books – steal like an artist, by austin kleon …

In my job as an acquisitions officer for an academic library, I often come across wonderful books that I would like to tuck under my arm, smuggle home and devour. Today, I have one of those books to share with you, called Steal like an artist; 10 things nobody told you about being creative, by […]

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sharing books – delirium, by lauren oliver

It is no secret that the girl and I love reading … she has inherited my iPad 1, so purchasing and downloading eBooks has suddenly become so much easier for her, especially because I am paying for them!!! She is not entirely sold on the idea of eBooks yet, but I am guessing that when […]

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sharing books – real life photography, by rebecca cooper

[Real Life Photography, by Rebecca Cooper] This week I would like to share with you my impressions on an eBook that I purchased this week from Ella Publishing, called Real Life Photography, by Rebecca Cooper. This is how the book is introduced on the EP website …you can read it here, where you can see […]

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sharing books – daughter of smoke and bone, by laini taylor

Oh boy, have I got a good one for you this week! Over the weekend I went podcast hunting … I found some great quilting podcasts to join the ones I currently listen to on my iphone (digiscrapping, current affairs, Twilight, humour, etc.), and then I went looking for podcasts on YA (Young Adult) literature. […]

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sharing books … city of lost souls, by cassandra clare

Oh my goodness … here’s something to curl up with in front of a crackling fire on a cold autumn afternoon! I’ve been impatiently waiting for some time now to get my hands on book five in the fabulous YA series Mortal Instruments, and last week, it popped onto my iPad, courtesy of my Preorder. […]

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sharing books – deadlocked, by charlaine harris

I picked up a copy of Deadlocked over the weekend, and enjoyed curling up under a quilt with my Kindle and the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I found the perfect spot to do a little reading on my aubergine lounge in a patch of warm autumn sunshine … It was a good read, […]

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my blurb experience …

Recently, I really enjoyed listening to Wendy from Studio Wendyzines, Steph, Katie, and Peppermint discussing printing photos and layouts on The Digi Show podcast. (Episode 27: Printing Questions Answered) Part of the discussion revolved around printing photo books, so I thought I would blog about my experience with Blurb. When I began scrapping in 2003, […]

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sharing books … blood red road, by moira young

I saw someone mention Blood Red Road by Moira Young the other day on Facebook, and within three minutes I had it downloaded on my Kindle, and I was off and running. Great debut novel … sort of like Hunger Games but darker, with a strong female character. There is a sequel coming out towards […]

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25 series to read if you LOVE the hunger games!

I found this interesting blog post while catching up on my blogs this morning, and thought I would share. It is on a blog called two busy brunettes (love the blog name!) which you can find here. The post goes on to share a little about each book and compare/contrast similar elements in the books. […]

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