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not quite done …

I’m back to work this week, handed the keys in to the old place, now living in a snow storm of boxes, half unpacked. It is making me twitchy, living in the mess, so the priority this weekend is to get everything put away or packed away into storage. We are living on bamboo flooring […]

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Trying something new …

Ok, I admit it … I like routines. I like the old and familiar. I like the usual. I don’t do change really well. But I have been enjoying reading a couple of blogs where something new is the order of the day. Peppermint of One Little Bird Designs blogs about her weekly ‘new’ feature […]

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One week …

[Credit: paper (recoloured) from Butterfly Breeze kit, stitch from Collections [Stitches 1], by [ksharonkdesigns]. Flowers (recoloured) from Sense & Sensability by PaislessPress. Font: DJB Jewel Euro, Arial Black.] Believe it or not, I’m still sorting/cleaning/tidying up … yes, I know, holidays are nearly over for me, but I have this overwhelming urge to have everything […]

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simple life: maintaining the illusion of a tidy home!

A tidy home … I dream about this! Seriously, I do! Out of my family of (almost) four adults, I am the one who takes this concept seriously. I am happy when I am surrounded by order, but I must be honest and say that it is a rare thing to have a completely tidy […]

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simple life: digital receipts

Let’s get it out front … I go down rabbit holes. You know how it is … I see something, and it sounds like a fabulous idea. Then I see something else, and that looks pretty good. And then something else comes along … and I embrace it all! This last week, the floods up […]

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less clutter …

Continuing along the ‘less clutter in my life’ theme today … For many years, I lived in a ‘white-walled’ house … you know how it goes? White walls, white ceilings, white architraves … lots of white. Quick and easy to do when you are a ‘spec builder’, as you can be sure that your prospective […]

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holiday happenings …

Yes, they are finally here … our school holdiays!!! can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this little break. It’s no secret for anyone that knows me well that this year is proving to be a real struggle. I’ve been living in Stress City for many months now … work-generated, I […]

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