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cough. it’s been a while. can anyone else hear the crickets?

Somehow I found myself taking a break from blogging. After almost ten years of fairly regularly blogging, one day I just stopped. It wasn’t planned, you understand. A couple of days passed, and then a couple more, and before I knew it, several weeks had gone by, and spider webs were starting to pop up […]

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hail and havoc …

[yesterday’s storm, photo by Mick Shipley] I had an adventure yesterday afternoon! It was almost going home time at work when something made me look up to see that it was almost dark. I could hear an unusual sound outside (I’m on the fifth floor), and making my way to the window, I saw that […]

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hello there …

Well hello there, Internet … It’s been a while! One of the downsides of shifting (and believe me, there are a few of them!!!) is losing touch with cyberspace. We have not had regular/good internet since we left our lakeside home almost three months ago. I am almost giddy with excitement today, as the ‘broadband […]

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it’s not easy being …

It’s not easy being tall. I know, I know … everyone wants to be tall, until they have to find dress pants that are long enough. I’ve been looking for some work pants for a while now, as my ‘unofficial’ work uniform (decided by me!) consists of black dress pants, a top, and a cardi […]

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hello, weekend …

This was our sunset last night … stunning, huh? I’m always locking my phone in the car, then having to hike back up the hill to the garage to retrieve it! You would think I would find a better spot for my phone, wouldn’t you? I arrive through the front door, then realize my phone […]

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down a rabbit hole or two …

I think this post will be a little disjointed, sort of like following me down several rabbits holes … Let’s start by sharing a photo from last night. As spring emerges from under the mind-numbing cold of winter, there is more and more daylight left in the day when I get home from work, and […]

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sunset …

One more [official] week of winter to go [for me], folks!!! And then spring is here!!! This beautiful sky met me as I headed off to the train station this afternoon, on my way to collect the man after his commute from the city … I love how the trees are so different silhouetted against […]

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my dusty SLR …

Do you have one of those? A dusty SLR tucked away somewhere in corner, out of sight, neglected, unused? My once ‘pride & joy’ hardly makes it out of its camera case these days. I would say that 95% of my photos are now taken with my iPhone 4s, and I don’t see this changing […]

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location, location, location …

It really is all about the location, isn’t it? Tuesday night I have to put the rubbish bins out for collection on Wednesday morning. So off I go, dragging two big bins behind me, down the length of our long driveway. And then I make my way down to the back of our property which […]

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weekend rambling …

It came and went … the weekend, that is! Why do weeks drag, and weekends fly by? We enjoyed a short visit from family on their way to a week of skiing, always so good to have family stay and catch up on all the family goss. Hoping the weather is kind (read ‘lots of […]

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hiccup …

There’s a lot to be said for getting your ducks in a road, internet-wise speaking … I often schedule posts on my blog. Over the weekend when things are a little more relaxed than the weekly rush, I will often scrap some layouts, plan out and write up some posts, then set them to magically […]

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so where’s the birdy?

We are fortunate to live in an area where there is a lot of bird life … daily, we have birds visit the bird feeder on our deck. We are enjoying the antics of the rainbow lorikeets, the kookaburras, the pigeons. Some are shy, some are not so shy, and would eat from your fingers […]

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a new day …

[the view from my desk] I feel very fortunate as I sit at my desk this morning looking at this lovely view. That is my DH setting out in his kayak for an early morning ‘training session’ as he works on building up condition after being on crutches for three months with his broken leg. […]

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projects and 2012 …

This seems to be the time of the year, doesn’t it, when you reflect back on last years’ creative efforts, and think about what is coming up for the next 12 months … Just before we slipped in to 2012, I finished compiling my yearly ‘Creatively Speaking’ Blurb book and sent it off into cyberspace. […]

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season’s greetings!

Season’s greetings to one and all … thank you, everyone, for visiting *simple things* during 2011, and for leaving lovely comments! Your visits have been much appreciated!!!

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it’s the little things …

It’s the little things that make life fun, and these little fun things are my Christmas earrings. Not in any way expensive, but fun to wear. I really don’t ‘do’ the usual Christmas earring, flashing lights, snowmen, snowflakes, etc., but when I saw these, they made me think of Christmas. Aren’t they cute? Today it […]

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beach break …

[Credit: Template 280, by Yin. Flower from Interlude kit, paper from Composition kit, by One Little Bird. Font: The Pencil.] This is a template by Yin Designs, found in this month’s The Digi Files #35. I like her templates because I can use big photos in them! It is a super busy time of the […]

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missing home

[Brisbane River] I miss my home city. And I miss my ‘work-free’ Fridays. There. I’ve said it. The beauty of working four days a week is not to be underestimated … for the first few months of working full-time from the beginning of 2010, I think I went into slight shock. It’s very tricky working […]

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Hello, public holiday … nice to have you visit!

Is it just me, or are public holidays a great time to play ‘catch-up’ … I’ve been a busy bee today. I’ve cleaned out the ‘plastics’ cupboard in the kitchen, given the microwave a good clean ( a cup or two of water, 1 tablespoon white vinegar … heat for 5 minutes, then wipe clean!), […]

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Retro sunnies …

It is a strange thing, coming back to work where I obtained my degree, many many years ago. It is ironical that when I attended College, I really wanted to work in the library, but was too nervous to take it any further. Now, so many years later, I work in the library, and it […]

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