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sharing freebies … A Moment Minikit

[Credits: A Moment Minikit freebie, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Fonts: DJB A Bit of Flaire, DJB AmandaG.] Oh, is that the weekend I can see around the corner? SO glad to see it … it’s been a busy one for me. Half my family has been away, either skiing or at a school retreat, so on the […]

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the boys …

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Clown …

[Credits: [study time] kit by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB Poppyseed …]

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Graphically Speaking …

I’m a simple scrapper. There! I’ve said it! Scrapping-wise, I’m not one for frills, for reams of patternd paper, for an over abundance of elements … just the basics, and usually my page usually ends up looking very graphic in nature. As I’ve worked my way through Kayla’s Lightroom classes, I’ve been revisiting scrapping pages […]

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Graphically speaking …

[Credits: template from Simple Sets Graphics 1 & 2, by [ksharonkdesigns] … ] [Credits: Simple Sets Graphics 2 template, paper from [brooke] paper pack, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Fonts: Calibri, Arial Black … ]

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Running away from home … temporarily! ;)

Here’s a pretty way to start the day … you can’t hep but smile at this flower, can you? Yes, over the weekend I ran away … I ran all the way back home, over 1000 kms away! [We are living interstate at the moment.] Part of my birthday week festivities included a visit interstate […]

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December highlights …

[Credits: Simple Sets PAD December, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB Jewel Euro … ]

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simple things …

Credits: lime minikit by [ksharonkdesigns] …

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Missing my baby …

This week I am down one child … she is off adventuring with her grandparents! I had a phone call today … ‘Mum, I think I would rather go rock-climbing than paint-balling, is that ok? Can Nana sign the form that says they aren’t responsible if I kill myself rock-climbing?’ Sure! No problems! (I told […]

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Hello weekend …

[Credits: Simple Sets PAD Weeks 32-35, paper from [heartfelt] paper pack by [ksharonkdesigns] … ] I’ve had a busy day … I wore my jeans to work today to help clean out ‘the dungeon’ in the bottom of our big library. I wrestled two big pink filing cabinets (fortunately empty!) from one side of the […]

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sharing books … Strange Angels, by Lili St. Crow

Finished my new book last night, and I liked it the most out of the Strange Angels series of three books. I reread Strange Angels and Betrayals first first, then Jealousy last night … and realized at the end of the book that yes, there had to be a sequel. Sigh. Wonder how long it […]

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stamina …

Credits: My paper, card and clip. Fonts: Hockey is Life, Diesel, Century Gothic. [Inspired by a layout called ‘so silly’ by TCockburn.] Lazy day, here at the ranch. Meandered out of bed, pretended to do housework while everyone was watching, then slunk over to the computer when no one noticed. Settling down for a blog […]

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