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the nebulous kingdom – blue field memories …

This week I’m sharing a gorgeous art print from ‘The Nebulous Kingdom‘ as my Etsy find for this week … this shop has been a favourite of my girl for some time now, and she has selected a print as a possible Christmas present (nudge nude, wink wink, thanks Mum!) It’s not the print below; this […]

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hello story – ali edwards’ class …

I have a confession to make, gentle reader … it seems that I have fallen off the ‘scrapping wagon’. Now, in my defence, I didn’t really want to fall off the wagon (there were extenuating reasons, like an interstate shift, and three months of living out of a suitcase in six different residences), and I […]

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lightroom & organizing digital scrapbooking supplies: part 4 …

So here I am, several months into using and loving Lightroom … has it been worth it? Was all that converting and tagging and organizing worth the satisfaction of seeing all my ‘digital ducks’ lined up in a row? YES! I live with LR very happily now. It makes finding photos and supplies very easy, […]

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Dec 6 | tiny wonders

[Day 6 of Picture the Holidays … ]

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Dec 5 | the view

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Dec 4 | the key

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Dec 3 | love

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Dec 2 | re-framed

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Dec 1 | gratitude …

I’m such a ‘copy cat’ … my friend Megan signed up for Picture The Holidays at Big Picture Classes, and I sneaked in behind her and joined up too!!! For 31 days, we receive a prompt via email, and have to respond with an image. So you get to follow along too, if you visit […]

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Treasure Box 6

This is my little weekly post called Treasure Box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention. You might find them fun too … Find 1 … there is a fascinating article here about a ‘tiny crib that manages […]

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