cough. it’s been a while. can anyone else hear the crickets?


Somehow I found myself taking a break from blogging.

After almost ten years of fairly regularly blogging, one day I just stopped. It wasn’t planned, you understand. A couple of days passed, and then a couple more, and before I knew it, several weeks had gone by, and spider webs were starting to pop up in the corners of my blog.

Thank you, kind readers, who left comments hoping that I was well. Your thoughts were appreciated. I can’t really pinpoint as reason as to why the blogging well went dry, but it happens.

Life was pretty busy. There was study. There were two ‘grown up’ kids living in the house, plus an extra staying with us while looking for a job. The man broke a wrist and was travelling every week. One of us was working on her honors year at Uni and working. Another one of us was doing the ‘9 to 5’ thing in the city and keeping everyone fed and dressed. One of us was half-heartedly studying in between sessions of frantic gaming.

There was the gaming. Oh yes, there was the gaming. The girl introduced me to MMOs and I was instantly hooked.

the girl and I, looking mighty fine!

Oh yes, and I think I’m getting older too. I have a really horrible birthday coming up in a few years that I really don’t want to think about. Sigh. Not really sure why that encouraged me to stop blogging, but there you are.

I guess crafting and photography took a sideline for a time, and there didn’t really seem to be anything new to share. I lost access to my crafting room for a few months, and lost the urge to quilt (though I still sew hexagons every now and then).

The renewal for my blog subscription came up and I considered not renewing it, but I just couldn’t pull the plug. So much of myself has gone into the blog over the years, and although there is lots that is now dated, I think there is still some good content that some new readers may find of value and enjoy.

my girl, at her cousin’s wedding

Fast track forward a year and a bit.

There are exciting things happening around here. The girl is getting married at the beginning of next year.

The man has discovered long distance (read that as 100 km) running.

The boy is still half-heartedly studying in between sessions of frantic gaming. Wait. He was doing that when I blogged last. Hmmm … go figure.

And me? Well, I discovered that there was more to gaming than just Final Fantasy XIV … there was World of Warcraft. Oh, the worlds (oh, the pun!!!) that have opened up before me! Read that as ‘massive time sink’ … we have a new WoW expansion at the moment, which happens only every two or three years, and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

But I think I feel a need to blog once again … I’m not sure what I will blog about, it will be a surprise for both you and me!

I think I need to do some dusting around here first …

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  1. Sharon
    Posted September 14, 2016 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

    Welcome back 🙂
    Completely understand the loss of mojo for blogging & I don’t even have a blog!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for years, so pleased you are back.
    As to all your news : The Girl getting married – how exciting!!
    Look forward to hearing all about your bridal experiences, oh what fun.
    Sharon in Tas

  2. Esther A
    Posted September 16, 2016 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    Hello Sharon! So great to hear that everything is chugging along. I’ve seen the occasional pic on Instagram (on the occasion that I have ventured there). I have completely neglected my blog. Your girl is SO elegant and composed and beautiful!

  3. Doris
    Posted November 16, 2016 at 4:36 am | Permalink

    Yay!! I’ve been wondering how you are!!

  4. Julie
    Posted November 17, 2016 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    wow, welcome back! Have missed your blogging. Your beautiful photos, your stories, and your crafting is/was inspiring. After months of not looking, how timely that I just ventured to your blog today just to see whether you may have returned and here you are. Funny how life takes turns that take you down paths you never dreamed…and your girl is getting married – so is mine in March. It’s been fun being asked to go with her to makeup session, dress hunting, bridesmaid dress hunting, giving opinions on flowers etc. Can’t wait to see your photos! Hope you’re enjoying the process!

  5. Posted December 2, 2016 at 3:08 am | Permalink

    Happy to see you’re back and fine ! You daughter is beautiful, she’s an adult now ! Wow… Take care xoxo

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