quilting wips, december 2014 …

IMG_2978Hello fellow quilters and/or gentle blog readers … it’s time to wrap up the quilting happenings of the last month of last year!

It was pretty much a December like everyone else’s, I am guessing, with lots of rushing about and doing important last-minute stuff, with not all that much time for quilting and the like.

Here’s an update of what I did, quilting-wise, during December … oh dear … not much done at all.

I picked up two quilts from the professional quilters and bound them on the very last day of December, and dropped two more quilts off to be quilted. Hmmm … and I think that was about it, apart from working on my current hexie quilt, called *starz*, which you can see above, to the left!

Here are the two finished quilts … Playground and Sweet Life, from ‘Simply Retro’, by Camille Roskelley. I’m so sorry about the quality of the photos, taken at sunset yesterday afternoon. I’ll get some better images over the weekend and repost.


So here’s how the month of December panned out …

the ‘ideas’ stage

  1. a secret project involving diamond paper piecing
  2. Rainy Day Sewing, by thimble blossoms

the ‘construction’ stage

  1. the girl’s grey and white chevron quilt
  2. a ‘secret squirrel’ project I’m working on with the girl [3/4 of the blocks completed out of 10]
  3. a second hexagon sewing kit
  4. 5 in squares to make into scrappy quilts
  5. my next hexagon quilt called *seeing stars*, begun Nov 4, 2014 [50 blocks completed, out of 150]

the ‘quilt top’ stage

  1. Noteworthy hexagon quilt
  2. Limes & Lemons hexagon quilt
  3. a new hexagon quilt called *smiles*

the ‘ready for (professional) quilting’ stage

  1. hexagon quilt 1 made from ‘Good Morning’
  2. hexagon quilt 2 made from ‘Good Morning’
  3. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 7 Dwell

the ‘being quilted’ stage

  1. 2 scrappy 50 x 50 in quilt tops

the ‘finished’ stage

  1. iPad cover
  2. hexagon sewing kit
  3. Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  4. Scrappy quilt
  5. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 6 Fresh
  6. Modern Vintage hexagon quilt
  7. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 3 Vintage
  8. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 5 Framed
  9. Judy’s Dilly Bag
  10. a second Sea Breeze Mini Quilt
  11. Feathers ‘herrringbone’ quilt (made from leftovers of Playground quilt)
  12. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 4 Swell
  13. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 8 Adorn
  14. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 1 Sweet Life
  15. #simplyretrochallenge quilt 2 Playground

And now we are moving on to 2015 … what quilting fun!!!

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