2015: project 365, week 1 & 2 …

So here I am, starting my fourth year of recording our family life through photos, one week at a time!

I seem to have worked out a system over the years … I create a template, then simply choose seven photos from my collection from the week’s shooting, add some text, and I’m done! Even though at the time, I often don’t feel inspired as I work on my pages, looking back at them later is something I really enjoy, so it is worth it!!!

At the beginning of each year I do pause and worry over how to start, as the first of the year nearly never falls on a Sunday! (I start my p365 week on a Sunday, and finish it on the Saturday.) This year end I finished off 2014 with a layout, then stole some photos from that page, and popped them into another layout beginning 2015! Week one really only has three ‘2015’ days in it, but technically it is ‘week one’.

If you aren’t completely confused by that, here are week 1 and 2 of the new year …



[Credits: ‘highlights’ wordart by One Little Bird. Font: Calibri.]



[Credits: ‘highlights’ wordart by One Little Bird. Font: Calibri.]

I am almost ready to send my 2013/2014 layouts off to Blurb to have them printed off. I love seeing all my books lined up on my bookshelf; last year, I have a large photo first, then the smaller photos on the second page, as follow …

2014 p365

This year, I’m changing it a little … new template, with the larger photo coming in after the collection of smaller photos and text. The wordart is by One Little Bird, and when I can work out which kit I snaffled it from, I will put it in my credits.

2015 p365

So that’s two weeks under wraps …

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