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simple thingsDo you know what a QR code is? Do you know how to make your own QR codes? And an even more interesting question is, do you know what you can use a QR code for? You may have seen something like the pretty pattern below and wondered what it was all about.

Ok, a QR code is a ‘quick response code’, which is like a barcode that holds information. You ‘read’ a QR code using a QR code reader app.

I first came across QR codes at work at my last job, where students would use QR codes to find library books up in the stacks and to grab referencing information on their library loans. QR codes were in the online catalogue, so students read the code with their phone, then had the information they needed to find the book on the shelves.

To access QR codes, you download a QR code reader app onto your phone, hold it over the QR code, which is ‘read’ and this will gave you the information that has been ‘loaded’ onto the QR code.

QR codes have been in magazines for a while now … hold your QR reader over the code on a page, and you will be given a wealth of extra information the magazines’ publishers have made available. This could include extra photos, a link to a website, etc.

Ok, so why would you want to use a QR code? Here are three quick reasons …

  1. Anyone can create their own QR codes … you don’t have to be a business or a library or a publisher.

  2. It is really quick and easy to update the information you make available by way of a QR code.

  3. It is information that you can share with others very easily, eg., if you were sharing an address and phone number with a friend, via their phone.

So … how do I create my own QR code?

Here’s what I did –

  1. I registered (for free) at Kaywa.

  2. I grabbed the link from my website, simple things …

  3. I dropped this into the URL search field, and clicked Generate. And now I have a QR code that leads you directly to my website. There is a free QR reader at the Kaywa site.


simple things

Now for the fun part … what can you put on a QR code?

Obviously a link to a website. To a gallery of photos? To a Youtube video?

Perhaps a travel timetable? The other morning I ‘read’ a QR code at my bus stop, and it let me know in ‘real time’ that my bus would be arriving in 5 minutes, and it was right!

Some folks are adding QR codes to their dog collars, in case their pets wander off.

You can add QR codes to your luggage when you travel, with an address or phone number on the QR code.

You could put business card information on a QR code … super easy to share with someone who has a QR reader app on his/her phone.

You could put your resume on a QR code.

Here’s a thought … if you are a scrapbooker, put extra journaling or information about a photo on a QR code, and put it on your layout.

Something fun to think about … I love technology!!!

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  1. Dianne
    Posted March 20, 2014 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    Sharon, I always appreciate your technology tips, and your instructions are so concise and easy. Thank you!

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