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hexagon quilt – the last row …

Here’s the last row of my ‘Good Morning!’ hexagon quilt … you can see along the left edge two green hexagon ‘fillers’, to bring the row of flowers up to the edge of the quilt. There is a row of white hexagons down the side and along the bottom of the quilt. You can see […]

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the white stuff – dining room

[home design board] This week’s ‘white space’ is a dining area … I guess you could call it a dining room, but from the image above, it’s a pretty small area, but that’s what I like. Things I love … the unusual table with sleek, modern appeal, the unusual chairs/stools, the light fitting installed directly […]

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tutorial – good morning hexagon quilt …

I thought I would share a quick little tutorial for one of my Good Morning! hexagon quilts … Step one … sew the flowers (with six petals and a centre hexagon) together. There are 59 complete flowers in this little lap quilt. Step two … lay the flowers out on a white sheet so that the design […]

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sharing recipes … pesto and pasta

This, folks, is fresh basil, grown by my girl’s own two hands. She made a delish pesto last weekend using her new mortar and pestle, and the recipe goes something like this … Fresh Pesto … shredded basil leaves, a dash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, fresh garlic, 1/2 tablespoon of pine […]

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the white stuff – reading nook …

[Artistic Designs for Living] Isn’t this a delicious little space to crawl up with a book? I’m guess it’s a bed in a bedroom, but I think it would make a wonderful ‘time out’ space for a grown-up with a new book. Things I love … the overhead storage for books, the fun ladder attached […]

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hexagon quilt – quilty update …

We are progressing slowly on our hexagon quilts … This is the girl’s quilt, and she has sewn 11 rows out of 25, so she is almost half-way. She despairs at the rate of her progress, and I am trying to encourage her to appreciate the experience of sewing it together, rather than looking towards […]

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the white stuff – attic …

[interier +detail] This week’s ‘white’ space is an attic bedroom … I have never lived in a house that boasted an attic space, but I have always hankered after one. There’s something special about climbing stairs into a secret space, removed from the hustle and noise of a family home, a retreat, a get-away … […]

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the white stuff – study …

[Houzz] This week’s ‘white’ space is a lovely home office. I’m guessing that sometimes offices at home can be places you don’t want to spend much time in … bills, money, Excel spreadsheets! But to me, an office is a wonderful place to spend time … Photoshop, Lightroom, photography, digital scrapbooking. This is my ‘time […]

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