project 365 – september, week 3 layout …

[Credits: template from Everyday Life 365, by Weeds & Wildflowers. Font: Adobe Caslon Pro.]

Journaling – for a week of not much happening, i’ve managed to photograph some ‘highlight’s … see the foot? the girl is up a tree studying! she has always wanted a yard with a tree she can climb in it, and sadly, she has had to go to college to find a tree she can climb … the boy is sad because one of his very favourite online gaming sites is closing down unexpectedly, and he hasn’t been able to find another one … pretty flowers at the back door of my work office … yes! almost one thousand hexagons are now completed. the next stage is going to be the hardest – arranging the hexagons before hand-sewing them all together … can’t resist another photo of the box of finished hexagons! … my morning make-up routine is made so much easier and quicker by having my make-up in clear boxes. looks so pretty … breakfast fare for the boy. i’m not sure what we are going to do if apricot fruity bix ever go off the shelves …

[week 38]

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