well, hello there …

Did you see the weekend just fly by?

I’m pretty sure that there was a weekend somewhere in the last few days, but it is over and I’m back into the working week, and I’m missing it already! We had a very low key relaxing weekend, so relaxing in fact that I forgot to blog …

DH and I spent some time watching Series 1 and 2 of Kavanagh Q. C., which we really enjoyed. I think John Thaw is a wonderful actor, and I have enjoyed his acting ability in the series he has worked in. (Inspector Morse)

We like this series, Kavanagh Q.C., for several reasons … part of DH’s job involves law stuff, we love seeing bit and pieces of England, and we enjoy laughing at the 90’s fashion. (Well, I do, anyway! I often find myself saying, ‘What on earth is she wearing?) I’m looking forward to watching Series 3-5 …

While we were ensconced on the aubergine lounges watching the big screen, I also took the opportunity to work on my hexagon quilt … almost up to 1,000 hexagons completed now, and I expect to start laying it out on a white sheet on the floor on my study this week, working with almost 40 patterns in the process of creating a design. Then, of course, I have to start sewing it together. Think I had better hunt up some more TV series to keep me occupied with stitching …

I also worked half of Sunday, which took a chunk out of my weekend … hopefully this afternoon I can scrap a layout or two, and get back into the blogging groove! Till then … have a good one!

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