treasure box 83 …

This is my little weekly post called treasure box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention. You might find them fun too …

Find 1 … I’m starting off this week’s Treasure Box with a ‘door with a view’ … imagine starting your weekend by walking through this doorway and relaxing on the deck and beach. You can find more beautiful photos of this South African beach house at the style files

[the style files]

Find 2 … I’m still on the fence with this idea, which involves ‘streamlining’ your collection of shoes. ‘Israeli industrial designer Daniela Bekerman started with a basic flat shoe and then created accessories for the shoe that dramatically alter its simple appearance. The Ze O Ze shoe … ‘ [from here] What do you think?


Find 3 … all you need is a little creativity, a bottle, some paint and a glue gun or puff paint … a couple of tutorials for you to check out, one at pure and noble, and p.s. i made this

[pure and noble]

[p.s. i made this]

Find 4 …LOVE this, a dad with a great sense of humour. Wonder if the ‘punk’ made it inside without waking the dog?


Find 5 … something we all need is coffee and love!


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