shooting manual; it’s not impossible!!!

I have been trying for many, many years to wean myself off the Auto button on my DSLR camera. The Manual setting has constantly taunted me, I’ve even sat through a ‘shooting manual’ class at my local photography shop, and worked through an online class that I took in the last six months … but it was all to no avail. I just couldn’t quite get there, and part of me was very lazy and content to let my camera do all the work. Nothing wrong with shooting Auto forever, was there?

I recently listed to a The Digi Show podcast called Live from Vegas where Steph related how she cried when she finally ‘got it’, and it all made sense to her. She sat in a class with Katrina Kennedy, and finally all the pieces fell into place for her, where shooting Manual was concerned. I was impressed, very impressed, but still, Auto was a comfortable place for me.

Well, this last weekend, all that changed.

I have been considering spending $69 and purchasing Photography 101, produced by shoot fly shoot for a while now. Here is a description of the class –

Photography 101 is a training class designed for beginners. It’s for people who own DSLR cameras and but have yet to learn how to shoot in manual mode. (Our motto is: Don’t fear the M!) We teach through videos specifically shot to help make it easier for you to really see all of our shooting tricks and techniques. We’re visual learners, and we wanted to create training classes that were laid back, and very easy to understand. All of our videos are shot in high definition, and the overall goal is to teach you to understand how your camera works so that you can have total control, and take better and brighter photographs.

I took my courage in my hands, purchased the class, and decided I wasn’t shifting off the aubergine lounge until I had learnt to shoot Manual. And guess what? It has all fallen into place for me too!!! I am so excited about it!

I am a visual learner, and I struggle with understanding written instructions … often I have to read instructions over and over again to understand what I am supposed to do. I spend a lot of time reading instructions on quilting patterns before I actually cut! I even get my DH to fill in forms for me …

Well, I loved these lessons. The two guys who produce the video lessons break things down into three simple concepts (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed) and actually show you how to change the buttons on your camera … you get to watch their hands changing the settings! They use a lot of repetition, going over the basic concepts again and again, which I found very helpful. I also watched each video at least twice until I was confident that I knew why and what was happening. And now, I’m shooting Manual exclusively!

I ‘discovered’ this website and Photography 101 because I follow a blog called The Lettered Cottage … Kev is married to Leyla, and I love what they are doing as they write, photograph and do up their home. So if you are wanting to switch that button from Auto to Manual, you might like to check out this class … I heartily recommend it!

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    I’ve been using manual a lot this year. It fell into place for me, too. It is much easier than I thought!!

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