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project 365 – january, week 3 layout …

[Credits: template from Everyday Life 365, by Weeds & Wildflowers. Font: Adobe Caslon Pro.] Journaling … my ‘african’ quilts are underway, and i have two quilt tops almost ready to send off for quilting … tash has spent the week moving material into a brand new compactus in the heritage centre. no need for her […]

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Ahem. I’m here. Really I am … I’ve been a little under the weather for the last couple of days, and blogging has fallen by the wayside, I’m afraid. I really am a ‘fair-weather’ creative spirit, as when I’m not well, all creativity drains out of me, and I wander around sadly thinking, ‘I really […]

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[Credits: Serendity QP by Digital Design Essentials. Font: The Only Child, DJB Angel Baby.] Whoosh! That was the weekend flying past!!! It’s hard to remember exactly what we did, but I’m pretty sure that it involved some relaxing, some quilting, some stationery-buying for the newest uni student … ahhh, love pretty stationery! Starting to put […]

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sharing books … the scrapbook of frankie pratt, by caroline preston

[available here] I want to share with you this very different book … I first heard about it via The Roundtable podcast, #93 called A Vintage Scrapbook Story. This is from the PRT website … What happens if someone writes a novel, but instead of it being a regular novel, the story is told in […]

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story …

[Credits: Sweet Storytelling kit, by Sahlin Studio. My staple. Font: The Teenage Dream.] So how’s my regular ‘scrapping time slot’ each afternoon going? Not too bad, though the roadblocks I’ve encountered so far this week include not getting home early enough to scrap, and then not wanting to stop at the end of my half […]

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quilting up a storm …

[Credits: Curated 4 QuickPage, by Paislee Press. Font: The Girl From Alaska.]

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project 365 – january, week 2 layout …

[Credits: template from Everyday Life 365, by Weeds & Wildflowers. Font: Adobe Caslon Pro.] Journaling – the routine at the beginning of a new day, a coffee while checking emails and blogs. it is very quiet at 5.15 am … we dropped the girl off at yarrahappini for a week-long summer camp, where she will […]

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treasure box 59 …

This is my little weekly post called treasure box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention. You might find them fun too … Find 1 … here’s a tutorial for some very sweet DIY votives. [Please read the […]

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got time to scrap?

[Credits: Love Is template, by Paislee Press. Font: Arial, Arial Narrow.] I read a couple of interesting scrapping-related posts over the weekend … Anna Aspnes was sharing some thoughts in a post called Habitual Scrapbooking on carving out time during her busy day to scrap. It wasn’t until she scheduled time to scrap that she […]

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caught on camera …

[Credits: PocketSquared overlay by Valorie Wibbens, Life Recorded wordart by CD Muckosky, background paper from Treasured Moments freebie by Sugarplum Paperie. Font: Acoustic Light.] Here’s a fun page created using a freebie overlay by Valorie Wibbens, and some fabulous wordart called Life Recorded by CD Muckosky. I’ve had a lot of fun here, simply popping […]

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thank you, mr blurb …

Yes, it’s that magic time of the year again when my Blurb book arrives in the mail … super quick this year, as it’s only eleven days since I ordered my ‘Creatively Speaking 2011’ book online. It has all my 2011 layouts within its covers. Again, fabulous quality … I am always a happy camper […]

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sharing books … the knife of never letting go, by patrick ness

The girl brought this book to my attention over the weekend. It is the first in a trilogy called Chaos Walking, and is a brilliant read. We bought the first book via The Book Depository, then quickly downloaded the Amazon eBooks when we realized we couldn’t wait for a couple of weeks before reading book […]

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lightroom & organizing digital scrapbooking supplies: part 4 …

So here I am, several months into using and loving Lightroom … has it been worth it? Was all that converting and tagging and organizing worth the satisfaction of seeing all my ‘digital ducks’ lined up in a row? YES! I live with LR very happily now. It makes finding photos and supplies very easy, […]

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project 365 – january, week 1 layout …

It’s been a while since we donned bike gear and helmets and set off on a bike trek … one of my Christmas gifts this year was new bike gear, so this weekend, DH and I set off. Because I am totally out of condition, we decided to do a gentle ride of 14 kms […]

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should i be worried? asks daffy …

Many years ago, our boy was given a lovely timber storage chest … somehow it found its way to the bottom of my bed, and a family of soft toys lived there quite happily until this week. In our rental home, we have very little linen storage, and I had the bright idea of keeping […]

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simple life: fresh start to the new year …

I found some wonderful insights into starting the new year the right way this morning, and I thought I would share with you … you can find the original post here. Take a 10-30 minutes walk every day, and while you walk smile. Play more games. Make time to practice meditation, yoga and prayer. Spend […]

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projects and 2012 …

This seems to be the time of the year, doesn’t it, when you reflect back on last years’ creative efforts, and think about what is coming up for the next 12 months … Just before we slipped in to 2012, I finished compiling my yearly ‘Creatively Speaking’ Blurb book and sent it off into cyberspace. […]

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well, hello there, 2012!!!

After a week of wild waves at the coast, we’ve arrived back home! And Santa has visited me a little late, but with such a welcome gift. My new sewing machine has a 1/4 inch fabric guide, and oh, how happy it makes me. I zipped up a quilt top from a collection of fat […]

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