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for katie the scrapbook lady …

This post is for Katie the Scrapbook Lady who is not shy about sharing her love for Lego … I’m pretty sure that Santa popped a present or two containing Lego under her Christmas tree this year. My family of young adults enjoyed putting together this Lego game, and then spending a couple of hours […]

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season’s greetings!

Season’s greetings to one and all … thank you, everyone, for visiting *simple things* during 2011, and for leaving lovely comments! Your visits have been much appreciated!!!

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it’s the little things …

It’s the little things that make life fun, and these little fun things are my Christmas earrings. Not in any way expensive, but fun to wear. I really don’t ‘do’ the usual Christmas earring, flashing lights, snowmen, snowflakes, etc., but when I saw these, they made me think of Christmas. Aren’t they cute? Today it […]

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relax mode …

One of my favourite things to do at the end of the year is to put my feet up and watch the world go by … and when I have new bling shoes it seems an even more fun thing to do. What you can’t see is that I have blisters on the bottom of […]

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well, hello there …

New additions to our Willow Tree Nativity set … the girl buys me a new piece or two each year for Christmas, and slowly we are building our set up. Here is an ox and a goat, new members of our little family, and the best part? They were on sale, obviously looking for a […]

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a quiet start …

I really feel that I should preface this blog post with … ‘Look away, Carol … don’t look!’ Carol is the queen of ‘getting ready for Christmas’ IMHO, and I’m just not ready … But you know what, this year, I don’t really mind! After all, we do have three more days until Christmas!!! I […]

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treasure box 58

This is my little weekly post called treasure box, where I share photos and links to interesting finds I have come across as I surf, just bits and pieces that catch my attention. You might find them fun too … Find 1 … such a pretty ‘gift wrapping’ idea if you are handy with a […]

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early christmas gift …

[watching Dad on his new (Christmas) surfboard] Sometimes I wish we could enjoy a ‘white’ Christmas, as I see everyone overseas getting ready for a winter Christmas … and then I remember how much I hate the cold, and how much I love our beach Christmas! DH is enjoying an early Christmas gift as he […]

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Bright and beautiful …

[flower in graduation bouquet] Yes, graduation has come and gone … my girl has officially left school and started work, and I am no longer a ‘school mum’. No more uniforms and fees, textbooks and excursion fees, music practices and early morning starts, concerts and speech nights, parent/teacher interviews and official functions … how am […]

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She’s back!!!

Yes, our girl arrived back home after three weeks of adventures in Malaysia and Cambodia; she brought with her lots of stories, dirty washing, many photos of monkeys, an empty bank balance, and a new appreciation for her life in her home country! Her trip was a great success, and she met me with, ‘I […]

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sharing a holiday … day 8 in hawaii

Day 8 was the last day of our holiday, and time for another ‘drive yourself around’ day … we hired a Ford Escape, and did a last day of ‘wandering’ togther. Both of us were a little tired from our big ‘inter-island hop’ on Day 7, so we got up when we woke up and […]

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sharing a holiday … day 7 in hawaii

Big day today … we were up at 4.15 am so that we could get ready for our inter-island flight over to Kauai, the ‘Garden Isle’. We were picked up from our hotel, and driven to the airport, where we caught a half hour flight over to the island, where we were met by Mark, […]

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sharing a holiday … day 6 in hawaii

Day 6 started off with a spot of shopping, and then I went on a LOST TV series film locations. Such fun … I left DH to have a surf on his own, as he tends to snort loudly about my love of  Lost. I knew I would enjoy my Lost tour much more with out […]

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sharing a holiday … day 5 in hawaii

Today was a good day … a lazy, ‘what shall we do today’ sort of day! A day of breakfast on the terrace, a drive round the island, checking out the (not so) big surf, and finishing off with dinner at The Cheesecake Shop. We decided to have breakfast down on the terrace in style […]

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sharing a holiday … day 4 in hawaii

Day 4 was a low-key, relaxing kind of day … after all the walking and climbing up and down stairs at Pearl Harbour, we decided to take it easy. My DH went surfing with two pro surfers in the morning, way out in the bay … looking at the ocean now, we can see that […]

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sharing a holiday … day 3 in hawaii

Day 3 we visited Pearl Harbour … one thing you can’t ‘order’ when you are on holidays is the weather, and it was a cool, overcast day. We didn’t let that spoil the day though, and in Hawaii, rain only seemed to last ten minutes at the most, so it was all good. [a public […]

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sharing a holiday … day 2 in hawaii

Day 2 began with a wander along the beach, then a shuttle bus ride through the city, doing the ‘tourist thang’ and enjoying the sights … [it was a little overcast, but still very pretty. we stayed in the second tower to the right.] [walking back towards our hotel, some tourists enjoying an early morning […]

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sharing a holiday … day 1 in hawaii

I thought I would share some photos and bits and pieces from our Hawaii adventure … [ready to leave for the airport] [view from my window on the plane] [fun car hire, just for the day] [always wanted to have a coffee at Starbucks … ] [sunset on the beach] [more sunset on Waikiki Beach] […]

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sharing a holiday …

Can you guess where I have been? Over the last eight days, I have flown over 16,000 kilometres (10,000 miles), driven around an island at least four times, stood in a tropical ‘sun shower’, eaten new foods, watched several sunsets from 27 floors up in a hotel, learned how to ‘tip’, escaped being sunburnt, met […]

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quiet time …

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