Pillow (and sheets) talk …

I think I know how the Great Wall of China fell after 1644 … I’m pretty sure it involved a pillow. Stay with me, there’s a story here …

Back track to the weekend. I was changing the sheets in our master bedroom when I realized it really was time I bought a new pair. There weren’t actually holes in the sheets but they were wearing pretty thin and it was only a matter of time before someone with big feet put them (the feet!) through the sheets. (Incidentally, I have small feet.)

Fate stepped in.

Sunday afternoon, which DH was busy having a haircut, I found myself in Adairs, looking at the world’s softest cotton sheets, or so the sign above them announced.

Now, I am a believer … I purchased a pair of these sheets for a sofa bed on a previous occasion, and was insanely jealous at how soft they were, but no matter how much I tugged and pulled, they just wouldn’t fit onto my queen-sized bed.

So I bought a pair of white sheets, rushed home and had them washed and dried in the sunshine that afternoon, then lovingly made up on my bed. And ohhhh … they were just the best to sleep in.

Move on a day.

Somehow Monday didn’t start off well. I found myself halfway to work with only half my make-up on. No time to go home. I was kinda hoping no one would notice, but oh my, I didn’t enjoy the view in the mirror as I washed my hands over the course of the day.

And things got busier and more frantic as the day progressed. DH had surgery on a tooth, and ended up going to bed early, but I had some twolittlepixels’ stuff to do, and then got engrossed in reading a blog or two, even bought and worked my way through an e-class, and by the time I looked at the clock, it was past the time I would normally head off to bed.

Ahhh! Bed. With my new sheets and my pillow … have I told you about my pillow, also an Adairs’ purchase? I bought it a little while back when it was on sale, and it goes everywhere with me … on snow/beach/family holidays. Heck, if I was silly enough to go camping, it would come camping with me. And everyone knows to leave my pillow alone.

So you can imagine my shock when I slid in between the world’s softest sheets and discovered my pillow had been kidnapped!!! I could see it … inches away, smooched under my DH who was on pain-killers and snoring happily and very comfortably. On. My. Pillow.

Sometimes I am too much like Sheldon for my own liking. I have my own seat on the aubergine lounge. It is unstated, for the most part, that is is my seat. However, I have been known to state it when necessary. And I have my own pillow. Oh yes, and those containers of yoghurt in the fridge are mine too, and you better not touch them either!

So what to do? I just couldn’t wake him. And I certainly couldn’t sleep on his pillow! So I tossed and turned and tossed some more. I sneezed loudly. I sighed. I contemplated getting up and blogging about it. And finally he stirred, so I whispered, ‘Can I have my pillow back?’, he promptly if somewhat groggily handed it back, and all was right with the world again. Oh yes, I gave him back his pillow too, though I was tempted to hurl it on the floor.

And the Great Wall of China? I’m pretty sure someone stole someone else’s pillow and wouldn’t give it back!!

Post script… I told DH that I had blogged about the great pillow kidnapping! He laughed and told me that he had swapped the pillows three times, not knowing which was his in the dark, and finally chose the wrong one! Men!!!

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