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sharing books … Strange Angels, by Lili St. Crow

Finished my new book last night, and I liked it the most out of the Strange Angels series of three books. I reread Strange Angels and Betrayals first first, then Jealousy last night … and realized at the end of the book that yes, there had to be a sequel. Sigh. Wonder how long it […]

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It’s the little things …

[Credits: twolittlepixels August Template Challenge by Rainy Dayz Designs; vintage [paper pack], Collections [Stitches 1] by [ksharonkdesigns]; Fonts: AmericanTypewriter … ]

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I found it!!!

‘Member how I was looking for a ‘Sharon green’ throw? Well, I found one this afternoon … I visited our local shopping centre this morning, hoping to score a haircut with my favouite hairdresser. Of course, I’d left it too late, and I’ll have to wander back next Sunday morning for my haircut. But since […]

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And so Thursday begins …

Random stuff … I hit a kangaroo on the way home from work at 10 pm on Tuesday. Well, to be strictly honest, the kangaroo hit me. We live in an area where 100s of kangaroos live. Apparently there was a cull a few years back, and there was such an uproar by the locals […]

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Drowning …

Do you ever feel as though you are drowning in washing and ironing? I’ve just realized that it’s sort of like a stress gauge at my house … if I am up-to-date with the laundry, then most of my life is under control. If it is mounting up, it usually means that things are getting […]

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Weekend snaps …

This afternoon we visited some baby goats today, born last Monday afternoon, triplets. I thought you might like to see some photos of the expedition … A favourite tree on my friend’s property … it missed the main logging of the area many years ago, and is HUGE. You can’t get a real idea of […]

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less clutter …

Continuing along the ‘less clutter in my life’ theme today … For many years, I lived in a ‘white-walled’ house … you know how it goes? White walls, white ceilings, white architraves … lots of white. Quick and easy to do when you are a ‘spec builder’, as you can be sure that your prospective […]

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The view from here …

[Credits: Scraplift of Deca’s ‘Cute’, who scraplifted Justine’s ‘Favorite Smile’. Papers from [michele] paper pack, tape from Butterfly Breeze kit, staple and ribbon from Winter [coffee] minikit, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB AmandaG.] This is the view I see most of the time these days … the back of her head as she slogs away at […]

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Melbourne …

[Credits: Simple Sets July PAD, by [ksharonkdesigns] … ]

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1,004 and counting …

Yes, last week the 1000th post snuck up on me, and I missed it!!! That’s a lot of posts, don’t you think? Spread over four years, approximately 250 posts a year … I’m a ‘real’ blogger now, I guess! 😉 Lately, I have been thinking ‘simple’ thoughts … this is probably the result of recently […]

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She who cooks …

[Credits: template freebie by Roadside Designs. Paper from paper pack [drama plus] by [ksharonkdesigns] … ] This layout was created using the freebie template by Roadside Designs. I’m not a very good at using templates, as I am such a ‘simple scrapper’ that I end up taking off half the template, and of course, that’s […]

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winter surf …

DH had to drop the girl off somewhere this morning, and he happened to wander past a beach on the way home, and just happened to have my Canon with him, so he took this photo. Look at the spray on the wave! There are a couple of surfers in there, bit hard to see, […]

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adventures in melbourne part 3 …

[view from the bus … ] [the bus didn’t stop, so I had to shoot wildly out the window … ] Back onto the free bus shuttle, and we finished the rest of the tour, finishing our journey at The Arts Precinct … [Miss Z … ] [Miss J … ] [Me … ] Time […]

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Adventures in Melbourne Part 2 …

[These photos were taken Friday night, just after we arrived … I forgot to post them in Part 1.] Saturday morning … sitting around doing nothing is unprecedented in our usual work/home schedules, I think. It was lovely getting up and relaxing, having a shower, sitting around chatting, not the norm, I assure you. We […]

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adventures in melbourne part 1 …

This story, like all good stories, begins with ‘once upon a time’ … and it is in three parts, with photos, as it is a bit of a saga. Feel free to skip these three posts if this adventure isn’t something you would be interested in reading/viewing! Once upon a time, a long, long, long […]

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weekend snaps …

Here are some photos from the weekend, where some study and muffin-eating took place … Looks tricky, doesn’t it? Year 11 maths … You need some sustenance, when you are studying hard … see below! Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins … well, they were supposed to be white chocolate, but the girl threw in a […]

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