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beautiful free desktops …

I discovered some beautiful art on the weekend, courtesy of my daughter … Enchanted Canvas. You can find her work here. The site comes with a ‘nudity’ warning, but I found the little nudity I came across to be very tastefully done, but it mightn’t be to everyone’s liking. 🙂 She has some beautiful free […]

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shopping for shoes …

I love packaging … I love stationery, stationery shops, striking ads, creative use of colour. I guess it comes with the design territory, and I have even been known to whip my ‘point & shoot’ out in a shopping mall and take a photo of something that shrieks ‘designing’ to me! 🙂 Yesterday, the family […]

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beach girl …


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happy girl …

It is a very short time, those seconds and minutes between when you hold your baby girl in your arms for the first time, and when you turn around, and an almost-woman is standing behind you. Photography helps freeze the moments in between these two times forever, and I am so glad that I have […]

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party time!

This weekend I was MIA … and for a very good reason. My bestie Miss Megan had a special birthday, so I took the weekend off, and flew interstate to attend her luscious dessert party. Here are some photos from the big night last night … [gorgeous tissue balls … do they have a ‘proper’ […]

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good morning …

I think this is a little waspy thing … I guess I needed to get in a little closer, but I thought he might bite me!!! Congrats to my DH, who graduated this weekend with a law degree. Ten years of part time studying while working full-time, and helping me bring up our children … […]

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stockton beach …

[Credit: PAD Weeks 13-17, by [ksharonkdesigns] … ]

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a little bit of fun …

Today we played in some sand dunes, a couple of hours from where we live. One of my husband’s work mates invited us to drive with him, so our mission today was to follow his black 4WD with a red flag. If you are wondering why there are flags on the 4WDs is that they […]

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