little book monster …

[Credits: Bookworm kit, by Kaye Winiecki. Font: DJB AmandaG.]

Do you have one of these at your house … a little book monster? Our girl loved books, right from the start. And even though she couldn’t read at this age, she loved to sneak into her brother’s room and sit on a big cushion in front of his bookcase and one by one, pull his books out, ‘read’ them, and then walk off to let someone else (any guesses who?) tidy up after her. I sneaked up on her one afternoon and caught her in the middle of the act, and boy, she looked guilty! 🙂

She never destroyed books. I can remember at one stage leaving the boy in his cot for a daytime nap with a book, and coming back later to find it totally dismembered around his sleeping area. She never did that … and she learnt to read before she started school, startling her carers at preschool by reading the newspaper under her glue and paint pots, and when prompted, reading the signs on the walls of the preschool. I did feel bad sending her off to school reading, as I knew how it annoyed some teachers, to have one precocious little miss reading way ahead of the rest of the class, but apart from hiding all the books in the house, there wasn’t much I could do about it. In retrospect, it would have also saved me a small fortune in books, if she had never learnt to read … 😉

I must confess to not buying many kits from other designers these days. If I buy digital products, they are usually CU products. But this last weekend, I saw such a cute little kit by Kaye Winiecki called Bookworm kit, which I grabbed to created the above layout. I remembered this photo of the girl, and knew it would work with Bookworm kit. 🙂

I did a little bit of digital housework today, cleaning out my folders and rearranging things. You tend to attract a lot of digi-clutter over seven years of doing the ‘digi-thang’, so it was high time I cleaned up. I sent quite a lot of Mbs into the Recycle bin, folders of freebies and kits I had collected over the years that I hadn’t even used. Fashions and tastes change over the years, and it’s nice to think of all those empty gigs residing on my computer now. When was the last time you ‘dusted’ your digi-area on your computer? 🙂

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