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holiday happenings …

Yes, they are finally here … our school holdiays!!! can’t tell you how much I have been looking forward to this little break. It’s no secret for anyone that knows me well that this year is proving to be a real struggle. I’ve been living in Stress City for many months now … work-generated, I […]

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hellooooo …

We went 4wheel driving today, off track, out of the city into the country, folks! And during the course of our afternoon, we made some new friends . Aren’t they gorgeous? [Credits: Paper from Paper Essentials – Charlotte, ribbon from Serenity kit, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: Arial, CK Classical.]

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good morning …

[Credits: QuickPage from Friday Fun 1 QuickAlbum, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB AmandaG.] Did Charli make you smile? He can’t quite work out what I am doing with the camera, this is his ‘what the heck are you doing over there’ look! Somehow the weekend has come and gone … and I’m not sure where! My […]

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the girlies …

[Credits: QuickPage from Friday Fun 3 QuickAlbum, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB AmandaG, DJB Angel Baby.]

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fallen princesses …

I found this cool set of photos … Disney Princesses who have gone bad!!! This is what the photographer, Dina Goldstein, says about this work … These works place Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. In all of the images the Princess is placed in an environment that articulates her conflict. The ‘…happily ever after’ […]

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tick, tick, tick …

Tick, tick, tick … that’s the sound of the holidays getting closer … Yesterday, I spent in recovery mode … my assistant had her rostered day off, and although I made several attempts to get off my seat and commence the ‘reshelving project’, I just couldn’t do it. Aching wrists and fingers, and needy year […]

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we don’t like year 12 …

No … *shaking head* … we don’t like Year 12, our senior year of high school in my part of the world. That’s for sure … it’s just NOT FUN!!! The boy and I have been grappling with Macbeth this week, and I don’t like Shakespeare any more than I did at college, many years […]

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favourite earrings …

[Credits: Serenity kit, by [ksharonkdesigns], at twolittlepixels. Font: DJB Angel Baby.] Friday … fun day … shop day … coffee day … bling day … yep, did all of that today, lol. My coffee mate and I visited DFO at Jindalee, a new shopping venue for us. Smaller than the airport DFO, but nicer in that it was […]

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thurs-day … sports day … fun day!

Random stuff today … I’ve just realized that today is our senior school’s sports day, so that means the library will be deliciously empty today … double YAY!, after a doozy of a day with year 12 yesterday! The girl left this morning at 7.00 for training (she is into track and field at the […]

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wednesday already?

Ok, so I had intentions of posting each day this week … what happened? I think it has something to do with a public holiday at the beginning of the week, and now I only have two days of work left … that’s got to be a good thing, huh? It’s hard to think of […]

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wonder …

[Credits: Slightly Girly kit by Joana. Font: DJB AmandaG.]

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today was a wet day …

[Credits: Frame from Small Packages – Frames 11, border from Small Packages – Doodles 5, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB AmandaG.] This girl likes the whizzy toys at the park … you know, the ones that spin till you feel sick? She always has, and being a grown-up teenager hasn’t seemed to change this. The photo […]

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