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That’s the noise your computer makes when it fries, apparently, just in case you were wondering!!! At 1.53 pm today, my big work computer went *BANG!!!*, and what appeared to be orange sparks lit up the countryside near it. I was outside at the time, but a witness said it was spectacular. I unplugged everything, […]

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i could have sworn …

… that I blogged yesterday, but the evidence is to the contrary!!!! I survived the first day back at work and handed out 12 classes worth of textbooks in one day! That’s not something lightly undertaken (some students had 17 textbooks!), let me tell you, but I received a round of applause from the staff […]

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worn out …

It’s hard work, lying in an unmade bed all day!!! The girl’s bear was today’s PaD (photo-a-day) subject, and he very grudgingly agreed to pose for me. No one else in the house would play along, so I was reduced to tackling pets and special friends. Charli looked at me very suspiciously when I pointed my camera […]

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back again …

[Credits: QuickPage created using template from Simple Sets #47 (resized), paper from Paper Essentials – Shadowed Pastels & Sweet (blended), by [ksharonkdesigns]. Brushwork by Lori Giles.] Well, it’s been a week and a half … don’t think I care much for the start of the school year … too much to do in too short […]

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over the hills and far away …

[Credits: quickpage and paper made by cherpea.] That’s where I think my holidays have gone, over the hill and far away. After just one day back at work, I can’t remember having holidays, in fact, I think someone must have pinched them!!! I sat through three hours of meetings, then headed off to the high […]

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friday fun …

[Credits: paper from Paper Essentials – Boy Blues, paper from Small Packages – Notepaper 1, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Stitching by Miss Tiina Designs.] I’ve been on my feet running errands and shopping with the girl since 8 this morning and I’m super tired, so I’m doing a quick post and then going to relax on the aubergine […]

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growing up …

[Credits: QuickPage from ReadySetGo 2 QuickAlbum, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB Mandy.] Yup, someone pinched my holidays, I am sure, because they seem to have disappeared!!! *sob* I’m not thinking too hard about it, though, because there are a few more days to go! 🙂 Now … my word for 2009 is … wait for it […]

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guess whose dad has a murcielago?

[Credits: Paper from Paper Essentials – Giggles, journaling strip from Bloom kit, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Stitching by Miss Tiina Designs. Font: DJB Mandy.] Whose dad? Well, our dad, of course. It’s kind of a family joke … we have a couple of Top Gear rabid fans at our house, and I’ve even been known to sit […]

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funny bunny …

[Credits: Remember QuickAlbum, Small Packages – Alpha 10, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: LoveLetterTW.] [Credits: Paper from Paper Essentials – Krafty, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: Arcoustic Bass.]

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random thursday stuff …

I’m enjoying PAD 2009 … have you interesting stuff at your house that you can photograph? I’m waiting for a tradesman … he’s one hour late! And he missed his first appointment completely! I bought an expensive iron today, I wore my old one out … and when I unpacked the new iron, it didn’t […]

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checklist time …

New pretties… School uniforms … check! School stationery … check! School shoes … check! Pilates beginners’ DVD and exercise mat … check! PAD photo loaded … check! New Etsy earrings up for sale … check! Yes, my list is looking good for today … lots of other things done too, but they are a tad […]

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in review …

[ Credits: fonts – Stereofidelic, Journaling Hand.] I had a wander through my 2008 photos tonight and picked out some fun ones … lots to choose from, but not many photos of the photographer at all!!! I also had a wander through the shops this afternoon with my coffee mate, who I haven’t really seen at all […]

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happy girl …

[Credits: Paper from Paper Essentials – Renewal, tag from Small Packages – Journaling Tags 2, frame from Small Packages – Frames 5, staple from Small Packages – Hardware 1, by [ksharonkdesigns]. Font: DJB AmandaG.] It’s a week for thinking about things, isn’t it? The beginning of a new year, a new week, a new approach […]

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